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Naughty Sex Positions

Naughty Sex Positions

Naughty Sex Positions

One of the best ways to become more advanced is to read up on Kama Sutra. The readings of the Sutra have literally hundreds upon hundreds of different positions and routines. Anyone that is advanced enough would be able to appreciate the amount of detail that the guides go into.

The Cradle is an advanced technique that is spoken about in the book. It’s considered arguably the most domineering position for any male to be in during sex. The man is firmly in control during the course of intercourse. It’s important to note that females are naturally passive during the sexual proceedings so it is the man’s job to be dominant if he wants to please her.

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Amazing Places to Have Sex – Not in bed baby

Sex is fun anywhere to do it, but most people limit themselves to just their bed. Sure, sex is great on the bed but some sex positions are just not possible there and there’s a lot of sexy fun to be had by trying out novel places. Have you considered having sex in a train? In your bathtub? In a hospital? Let me tell you that all these and more are not only possible but also convenient and easy to pull off for some unusual naughty fun.

Sex in the Balcony

Sex under the open sky is amazing. In order to have sex in your balcony without worrying about any neighbours peeing you only need to cover your railings with a blanket or some other opaque cloth. Then pull out a mattress and voila, you can have sex in your balcony. You can use the balcony’s railing for leverage or as a handle in reverse cowgirl or sideways 69. She can grab the railing and enter a doggy position while he enters from behind. That way both partners enjoy a great balcony view and amazing sex at the same time.

Sex in Hospitals

Hospitals are the cleanest public places one can have sex in and hospital toilets are also amazingly clean too. You and your partner can enter an unoccupied hospital room and lock the door; nobody will bother you for a long while and you can have great sex in those beds. Make sure you don’t make a mess of the rooms and you won’t be breaking any laws (this may vary from country to country and for private clinics). Even better, if you know anyone who works in the hospital, ask them to help you… or even join in!

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