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Save 40% On Any Package Until the End of the Week


Bank holiday is the best time to meet a partner if you’re a single person. That is why our site is still offering a big discount for the people who will upgrade their accounts until 31 of May. Our bank holiday sale was extended until the end of the week and we still are offering 40% discount on any package.

If you want to get 40% discount you should login to your Saucy Dating account. On the top of the site you will see a holiday banner. Once you click it, you will be redirected to the payment page. You can choose any package you need: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. Above the upgrade button you will see ‘Do you have an offer code? Yes I do’. Click it and type MAYSALE13.

That is all, just use the discount code before the end of Friday and you will save 40%.

NOTE: If you don’t have account yet, please visit Saucy Dating registration page to become a member and then follow the steps that are mentioned in second paragraph.




10 Secret Words That Turn Women On

Secret Words That Turn Women On

Secret Words That Turn Women On

A word is a single direct meaningful element of speech which can be represented audibly or in writing.

Words are quite interesting because they represent our innermost thoughts and desire. Deeps feelings can be represented with words. Be it a secret, for good or for evil means.

In a relationship, there are two major senses involved which enable us  express ourselves to keep the rhythm of romance flowing: The sound and the touch which can be interpreted as the use of soothing words and physical touch of a light kiss to intensify the deep feelings of romance and sex.

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Great Date Night Ideas For You And Your Partner

Date Night Ideas For You And Your Partner

Date Night Ideas For You And Your Partner

Planning a date night is really fun and thrilling mostly when its the first time out with that partner. Getting everything setup is not really as easy as it sounds, especially when you think of the budget involved, when there are very few trendy spots in your town or most of all when you lack romantic dating ideas.

The most important thing about dating is to always be yourself, never try to overdo your capacity and never try to be what you are not. Dating someone shouldn’t always be all about extravagant spending or very expensive location. Yes its a date night , but that does not mean your dating times should always be restricted to night fall, makes your lives a lot predictable and boring.

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Study Reviews Sexuality Educational Course and Effects on College Students


Sexuality Educational Course and Effects on College Students


Undergrads who attend a college university in the southeastern portion of the United States participated in a study that looks at material related to a sexuality course completed by college students.  The course touched on different subjects with most students feeling they were able to take away useful information.  Researchers wanted to focus more on the positive benefits of the course.  Because college sexuality courses offer vast amounts of information, many feel they may be able to help reduce common concerns related to sexual activity including pregnancy and sexual abuse.

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