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What Is Your Favorite Sex Card – The Dominant Or The Submissive?

To those of you who were at least curious so far about taking a peek to the kinkiest side of sexual experiences, terms like “dominant” and “submissive” are by far related to bondage, the practice that involves obtaining pleasure by playing roles like these two. However, you should be aware that being more or less of regardless each of these two is something that comes natural in between the sheets of any couple, no matter how adventurous the two partners are.

Vanilla or classic sex, as the majority knows by name, always takes two people – at least. From these two, on should have the initiative and the other one agree or disagree so that the whole experience to be just as pleasurable for both of them. Wouldn’t it be terrible for you to insist on staying on top while he would want to penetrate you from behind? Chances are that until you get to solve this dilemma, someone will shrink enough to spoil all the fun.

Normally, such decisions come natural during intercourse or at least we do not invest too much time with such arrangements. Long time sex partners or adults enjoying each other for the first time during hot casual sex, it should be something like “Does it hurt you? Ok, let’s try something new. What if you sit like that…” and so on. You know the talk. The point is that one will come with the suggestion, always.

And the question is: are you the one with the ideas? Because if you are, you are what sex specialists call a dominant partner and your lover would obviously be the submissive one. While there is nothing else to say about these two in particular, there are plenty of things about one’s preferences.

If you are a dominant, you will enjoy getting to decide everything there is to do and having full control – obviously as long as you harm in no way your sex partner. As you know what works best for you, it would be foolish not to take it that way and if your sex buddy has no complaints, you have all the chances to get fully satisfied. To some, even this idea of being in charge is a huge turn on. However, at some point, you might feel like you are doing all the hard work and start craving for just sitting back and relaxing while someone else to handle the pressure.

As for the submissive one, it would be just like letting go with the flow and surrendering his or her body. Those who prefer this sex card, say it feels so good to only focus on experiencing all the pleasure without having to do efforts at all or thinking what to do next to please their partner. Still, one might be unfortunate enough to deal with a dominant that is not on the same page and not enjoy the serving…

As a conclusion, regardless what role you like playing in the bedroom, taking these two into serious should be done particularly by partners that know each other and trust. Otherwise, there is a whole set of rules that need to be established so that to avoid an unpleasant sexual experience.