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Compensated Dating – A new phenomenon in Hong Kong

When you give people and inch, they tend to take a yard, that dictum can easily be applied to the use of words and terms to describe things that needs to be disguised for example, this days, the word “escort” is often used to describe women who sell sex for money. Both an escort and her clients tends not to like the good old fashion name for that act: prostitution.

Teenagers in Hong Kong have coined their own name for what is called escort services in the west, they call it “Compensation Dating” this basically involves teenagers having sex with mostly older men in exchange for “compensation”. This issue was brought to light recently in an interview CNN dis with one teenage girl who is now regretting going on compensation date. The interview starts as follows:

he doesn’t want to be identified, except by her nickname “Sze,” and she has a secret past. Her father doesn’t know what she did as a 16-year-old, and she hopes he never finds out. But Sze, now 19, wants young girls to hear her story so they never make the same mistake.

The girl then went on to described her experience on this so called compensation dating, another except follows:

“My first customer was an ordinary man in his 40s. We skipped the dinner part and went straight to the guest house for sex,” Sze recalled. “Actually, I was a bit scared, but I knew this was the only way I could get money. This customer wasn’t bad, though. We just had sex, he paid, and then he left. I thought this was easy money, and that’s why I continued doing this kind of thing.”

Treating erectile dysfunction

The condition of erectile dysfunction is something that is highly demoralizing to the male and creates a huge problem in not permitting him to enjoy a normal sexual life. While the first recourse for most would be to go to the sexologist for corrective action, they could also look at unorthodox methods to overcome this problem and who knows, they might just work for the persons affected by this disturbing problem.

a) All of us are aware that sexual activity is not only a physical activity but has got a lot to do with the mental health of the person as well. A change of scenario in terms of a short vacation might help the person get at ease mentally and lead to a better sexual performance. Simulating role plays by way of kinky sex or play acting the role of a dominant partner may also help sustain the erection long enough for satisfactory penetration. Fantasizing about the sexual partner is also another great method of sustaining erection and that could range from a celebrity to the neighbor next door.

b) Physical problems are best sorted out through medication in the form of pills for both partners to heighten the impact of sexual arousal and motivate the male partner to perform. These performance enhancing pills possess the advantage of equipping the individual with the confidence to culminate the act as per his desire and are very good as a temporary measure to perk up sexual performance. However, long term usage of such pills is not recommended.

It is definitely possible to cure this condition of erectile dysfunction through a combination of mental conditioning as well as medication in the short term.

Sexual Performance as a Couple’s Issue

A satisfying sex life is something that is crucial for a successful marriage or relationship. It is natural for both men and women to have off days when they just don’t feel like engaging in penetrative sex but if this becomes a regular affair or the male starts experiencing problems holding his erection, then the problem is more serious and merits investigation. In females, the change of mood can be as quick and she could suddenly turn cold as a turkey after promising so much during foreplay.

Other factors like stress or thoughts that are pretty unromantic may also lead to the softening of the penis without the sexual act getting consummated, but these can be resolved more easily and quickly and is not as serious as the condition of erectile dysfunction in the male or frigidity in the female.

It is really not fair to apportion blame on any one partner as these instances could happen at any time. However, it is important for couples to be aware of the changing sexual needs and performance capabilities so that they can take proper corrective action before it is too late. This will prevent rifts in the relationship from developing and the couple will find ways to deal with the problem collectively.

Fortunately, the market is awash with a lot of good and effective performance enhancing drugs that are very effective as a temporary measure. For a more therapeutic approach to a problem that persists, the couple must visit a good sexologist together and sort out the issue for a prolonged and satisfying sex life.

Secrets to a Successful Threesome

Variety is the spice of life and sexual life is no exception. Many couples wish to go beyond the normal sex routine and want to keep trying different to enhance their sex life. So while they may have already experimented with different positions and engaged in kinky sex with all its variations, they may still be looking to introduce an element that is not only novel but also thrilling.  This is the possibility of allowing a third person into your sex life for a three some and that is really pushing the boundaries of sexual behavior beyond even wife swapping or partner switching experiments.
To go ahead with this however, both partners must be clear about some of the realities they will face. If the third person is going to be a woman, then there is bound to be lesbian action and while that may be acceptable to the man, if it is a guy, then the male must be prepared mentally to accept the fact that this third person will engage in sexual activity with his female partner and he should not be feeling awful about it later on.
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