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How to Unleash His Fantasies without Getting Uncomfortable

Men like variety and are always on the lookout to fulfill their fantasies either with their wife or with some other partner. Some of the most popular sexual fantasies of men are mentioned below. These have been identified after interviews with a lot of men.

a)      Though you might not be comfortable with furtive sexual gestures and groping in the public place, this is a great turn on for men and they would like nothing better than to fondle your breasts or gently squeeze your ass cheeks. In fact they would not mind going the whole way as the thrill of getting noticed or caught just adds to the excitement.
b)      You can agree to him making a dirty film on your lovemaking with the assurance that it will be erased after viewing it. Many guys get a thrill out of watching their partner in a movie indulging in sexual acts. You can protect your self further by covering your face so that anonymity is guaranteed.
c)       The concept of female dominance and sadomasochism is pretty much on every male’s fantasy list. You can use your silk stockings or a real sexy lacy bodice to tie him up and give in to this fantasy of either spanking him or letting him feel you selectively. You can also blindfold him and rub against him suggestively to really get him excited and raring to go.

There are really a number of ways to get a male excited. A strip tease is one of the most common acts that again is a fantasy that every male wishes his partner to perform.

Forget Bed: 7 More Interesting Places to have Sex

It is not a surprise that many couples start finding their sex life becoming monotonous and stale despite trying out different sex positions and living out fantasies in the form of sadomasochism and even kinky sex, they find that the spark is missing. Gradually, this starts to tell on the relationship and that is something they must guard against.
So what could be the reason? One common cause is that people generally tend to indulge in sex more as a routine to be gone through at a given time and invariably at the same place on their bed. The solution could lie in making some simple changes to this routine, which could bring about a refreshing change. They are as under:
a) Having sex in the vehicle. Despite the space problem, it can be fun and thrilling.
b) Using your parents’ bed to try out a new position.
c) A public place like a park after dark. Continue reading

5 Things You Never Knew About Sexual Arousal

Sex is an activity that is as much between your ears as it is between your legs. You can get sexually aroused through a variety of stimulants such as smell, hearing or even certain colors. It is not as if you always need to see a sexy woman in person or on the video to experience sexual arousal. Years of study by sexologists have confirmed that men and women can get sexually stimulated through some rather unconventional methods as given below:
a.) Fragrance and aroma of certain substances have the ability to arouse a male such as lavender or even pumpkin. The use of scented candles and oils has been recommended since long by many as very effective sexual stimulants. In case of women, it is the smell of licorice and cucumber. One can understand that cucumber by virtue of its shape may also be providing them visual stimulation as it resembles the male organ.
b.) The red color is believed to have the property of arousing red hot passion and sexual ardor and you will definitely be successful in enticing your male with dresses of this color. Continue reading