Naughty Sex Positions

Naughty Sex Positions

Naughty Sex Positions

One of the best ways to become more advanced is to read up on Kama Sutra. The readings of the Sutra have literally hundreds upon hundreds of different positions and routines. Anyone that is advanced enough would be able to appreciate the amount of detail that the guides go into.

The Cradle is an advanced technique that is spoken about in the book. It’s considered arguably the most domineering position for any male to be in during sex. The man is firmly in control during the course of intercourse. It’s important to note that females are naturally passive during the sexual proceedings so it is the man’s job to be dominant if he wants to please her.

More Naughty Sex Positions

There’s a wide range of sexual positions that can be used. The basics are usually doggystyle and missionary as these are the two positions that most people start off with. In most people’s sex lives they do not vary much more than that in terms of sexual positions but there are few more sexually advanced members of the population out there that are always willing to try out advanced sex positions. These sex positions are generally used when the basic exercises have become boring and redundant.

Taking control is what makes a man stand out and you have to be the leader. The women is not going to lead the sex. Unless she is a rarity. Women simply like confident men, if you’re confident in the way you handle things in life she’ll assume that you will be confident in pleasing her in bed.

How is the Cradle performed?

It’s a standing sexual position so you stand up and let her jump on to you. You carry her while she wraps her legs around you and you penetrate her vagina while grabbing onto her buttocks. It’s called the cradle because you end up putting her into a cradle like position. Most sexual positions are performed on a bed but a number of sexual positions are from a standing position.

You also need a certain degree of strength to effectively be able to hold the woman there for a good amount of time. This is why the cradle is seen as  a sex position that shows ff. You can showcase your prowess in the bedroom and impress her with your strength. This is also compounded by the fact that the majority of men do not perform the cradle.

Another thing to note, is that the vast majority of women fake orgasms. It has been argued that only 40% have actually experienced a vaginal orgasm. There is a difference between a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm. The former only works the small clitoris but the latter will make sure that the whole vagina feels pleasure. It’s possible for the majority of women to have vaginal orgasms but it’s 100% dependent on what man she is having sex with.

What most men don’t realize is key is that you must stimulate the vagina and her brain at the same time. That is how you can make her have vaginal orgasms.

Sure, you can do advanced positions like reverse cowgirl etc but that only takes care of the vaginal penetration?

How are you going to penetrate her mind?

Dirty talk.

Most men do not partake in it but it’s the best way to stimulate her brain. It will absolutely turn her on if you’re in the cradle position and you start whispering in her ear what you want to do to her.