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My Experience of Having Sex with an Italian Man

Sex with an Italian Man

Sex with an Italian Man

Everyone has heard the expression “The Italian Stallion.” I certainly had heard it quite frequently in my adult life but never really had a complete understanding of what it means. That is, until I took a trip to Italy last month.

I had decided to spend the bulk of my trip in the historic, old city of Lucca. It was on the tree lined walkways built on the walls above the city where I met Ramon. Typically charming and certainly handsome, he spoke limited English but his Italian accent was very compelling. His intent was also very obvious as he used those dark sexy eyes to sweep over my body more than once.

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Research Claims Losing Weight and Clean Sheets May Help Turn On Your Partner

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Losing Weight and Clean Sheets May Help Turn On Your Partner

A recent study took a look at several unusual activities that may have more sexual connections than many of us think about. Losing weight, winning money, and even clean bed sheets may be linked to passionate moods experienced by men and women.  Such activities may turn-on your partner or help them get into the mood researchers claim. Certain activities have shown evidence of being turn-ons or sexual mood makers depending on the gender of the individual.

More than 2,000 British men and women participated in a survey that included asking them about potential turn-ons and things that get them in the mood.  Roughly 60 percent of women claimed winning money is a turn-on for them. Weight loss was an element considered to help such women get into the mood. Men were more likely to be in the mood after a night out with guy friends.

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My Experience of Having Sex with an American Man

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Sex with American Man

American men are made up from such a vast melting pot that it’s hard to say that all of them are good, bad or indifferent when it comes to sex. My experience of having sex with an American man has occurred on more than one occasion but one of the most notable actually happened while I was on a trip to Hawaii. As this is one of the most popular vacation locales in the world, particularly in the United States, it is easy to find all kinds of American men there.

The resort I was staying at was located right on the beach in Honolulu and I spent plenty of time tanning and swimming in my thong swimsuits. It’s on that section of beach that I met the American man that I would soon be having dinner with followed by a hot and heavy sexual encounter. You see, he was also staying in the same resort as me.

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