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The perfect gift that keeps on giving

The perfect gift that keeps on giving.

If you want to suggest to your girlfriend that you’d like to try using a sex toy in the bedroom but you’re not sure how she’ll react, here are some pointers for you to get her to relax and be receptive to the idea of spicing up the sex life in the bedroom. You may be worried that she’ll be offended by the prospect of using a vibrator, you can ease her fears with a few simple statements:

1.) I want you to feel as much pleasure as possible, this is for you.
Tell her that the reason you are suggesting a vibrator is purely for her. She may be thinking that you are a pervert who wants to use a sex toy on her to enjoy the view like a porn star. If she’s a classy lady, she might think it’s dirty, but assure her that you will leave the lights off or on low so that the only sensory experience will be from what she is feeling.

2.) I want you to reach an orgasm at the same time as me.
Women need both interior and external stimulation to enjoy a powerful orgasm. Tell her about the statistics and the anatomy of the female. Show her that you’re educated in sexual pleasure and that women need more then just penetration to feel good during sex. If you’re going to use this approach, then get a bullet vibrator or a small clitoral stimulator like the mini bullet vibrator sex toy. Tell her that all she needs to do it hold this over her clitoris while you;re having sex and the vibrations on her clitoris will easily allow her to climax while you’re inside her. A truly wonderful experience for women, it makes them feel connected to their lovers on a mystic level. She will surely want this experience again and again.

3.) It’s fun to try something new.
Tell her that even though your sex life is fantastic, cunnilingus is always the same. Sex gets repetitive over time. Often couples fall into a sexual flat point where they are not really feeling the passion anymore. You can prevent this by experiencing with sex toys. Browse an adult shop with her and show her that not all sex toys are massive dildos waiting to rip a lady open. many sex toys are classy sexual aids for couples who want to enhance their sex life.

With these 3 tips at hand, you can pull them, out like an ace out of your pocket at the right time and easily persuade her into enjoying new pleasure in the bedroom. Don’t be pushy, let her make the final decision but with some easy convincing, she should open up to the idea of experiencing with you and you’ll both have a better more fulfilling sex life.