Helen, 29 from Cardiff, South Glamorgan Looking For Discreet Relationships


Helen, 29 from Cardiff, South Glamorgan

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Helen’s Characteristics

Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Length: Shoulder
Height: 5’9″-6′
Build: Large / Full
Ethnicity: Other
Marital Status: Single
Drinker: Social
Playing Safe: With a new partner
Shaved: Shaped
Pierced: No
Favourite Position: Doggy Style

About Helen

Like a Bentley, I’m built for comfort and for speed….

Yes I’m quintessentially a BBW and thicker than frozen peanut butter, so novices step aside and make room for the real men with the licence to operate heavy machinery ha haa!

I’m a very sensual, tactile and passionate person who can’t seem to get what I was originally after so I’m looking to throw caution to the wind and break my drought BUT having said that, you need to know that I possess two g-spots with the larger one controlling the smaller more sensitive one. That being said in order for me to open sesame, you have to stimulate my mind and my body will react accordingly at your pleasure.

I have a confession. … If you are good you may hear it.

NOTE : Respectful interaction will get you a long way, I’m a lady with a twist and like to be addressed as such.

* * * * MARRIED MEN I regret to inform you that you will Not be successful on all occasions. * * * *

Helen’s Interests

Night clubs, Adult movies at home, Adult movies at cinema, Visiting “Special” shops, Oral – giving and Public games
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