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Oxford Dating

Oxford is one of the smallest cities in the UK. With a population of just 140,000 Oxford is essentially a large town. This does not stop it from being considered a great town for a young couple to have a great time however. When most people think of Oxford they think of the famous university and rightly so.

Oxford University is the oldest and arguably the most prestigious university in the world. It is consistently in the top 5 universities in the world rankings and always considered the benchmark in advanced education. The university covers a significant amount of area in the city and subsequently there are a lot of students that come to the city to study. Oxford has the highest concentration of intellectuals than any other city in the UK.

One of the best things about Oxford is that it is so quiet. As the city is not as populated as most, the city virtually quiet all year round. This may be a positive or a negative depending on your personality as some people prefer the loud, bustling nature of some cities like London or Manchester.

Dating Ideas In Oxford

Due to Oxford having a strong student network, there is always going to be places to take your partner of love interest. There is a pub every 50 metres for you to chill, drink and have fun. A good example of a top quality Oxford pub is the Star Inn on Watery Lane. They serve some of the best quality grub known in Oxford. The Royal Standard is also well known. The pub is located on London road and the majority of the staff are exceptionally polite.

While there is abundance of pubs and bars in Oxford, admittedly there are not too many clubs to choose from. This is the same with the majority of older cities with a lot of history so if you have chosen to live in Oxford you probably already knew this. But if you do choose to go to any club in Oxford make sure you go to The Cellar on Frewin Court. The Cellar is widely considered Oxford’s hottest nightclub and if you go there you are guaranteed a great night out.

There aren’t too many cinemas in Oxford but one of the most popular cinemas is VUE. This cinema shows the best contemporary films and is a great location for a first date even though it is pretty common!

A Lot of the restaurants in Oxford cook traditionally English dishes such as the Evenlode on Old Witney Road. However there are a few restaurants that specialise in international cuisine such as Branca restaurant that only cooks Italian food. If your partner wants to try something a bit different from the norm, something like Branca will satisfy that need.

The majority of things to do in Oxford are based around being a student in the city. If you are a student there will be an endless amount of things you can do but if you are not, it’s harder but with the help of online dating you can find the best places just as easily.

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