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Newcastle Dating

Newcastle was always viewed negatively as a Northern city but in the last decade or so Newcastle has become one of the most trendy cities to visit.It’s full name is actually Newcastle upon tyne but it’s often shortened to simply ‘Newcastle’. Despite its popularity, Newcastle can only boast a population of 250,000 which is much less than most major cities in the UK. But this means that you are never too far away from the action as the compact city manages to fit in a lot of attractions and great location despite the lack of space. It also manages to combine contemporary arts with ancient architecture.

Newcastle United Football Club is one of the great attractions to the Northern City. The grand stadium of St James’ Park is one of the best stadiums in Europe and regularly attracts 50,000 people every home game.

In recent times however, Newcastle has garnered a trashy reputation due to TV show Geordie Shore. The tv show features young people and their lives within the Newcastle nightlife. There has been a backlash because of the showcases of binge drinking, casual sex and rowdy behaviour. The females on the show have received criticism for the excessive makeup and fake tan. However, this is not representative of the majority of Geordies who are perfectly sound and nice people.

The atmosphere around the city is generally welcoming and friendly. It’s one of the better cities in the North to take your partner out in. Often people are scared to take their partners out during the night because of crime and drunkards but you can rest assured that Newcastle is one of the safer cities in that respect.

Dating Ideas In Newcastle

When people thinking of going out in Newcastle the first thing they think about is hitting the club, and getting ‘mortal’(very drunk!). One of the best clubs in the UK to go to at the moment is Tiger Tiger. It has now been made even more famous due the MTV show Geordie Shore as the cast regularly find themselves clubbing there. If clubbing is not you or your partner’s thing, look no further than some of the best bars that Toonside has to offer. The Forum which is a branch of wetherspoons in Hexham always serves great alcohol for you and your potential suitor.

If you both fancy something a bit quieter, you can head over to Forster Street where the Azzuri restaurant is. They serve so many quality, authentic Italian dishes you’d think you’re in Italy!

You could even pay to watch a match at St James’ Park but that will depend on how enthusiastic you both are about football. It will be a great experience if you both have passion for the game but otherwise it may be a bit of a bore and you may waste quality time that you could be spending getting to know eachother better.

No matter what type of night out you’re looking for, Newcastle will have something in store for you.

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