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Glasgow Dating

Glasgow is one of the UK’s biggest cities. In fact, Glasgow has the population of 600,000 and a surrounding area of 2 million people making it the third biggest city in the UK in terms of population behind Birmingham and London. As Scotland’s biggest city, there is an endless list of landmarks and locations around the city. Glasgow is home to two big football clubs in Celtic and Rangers. There are four universities, two mainline train stations and a wealth of nightclubs and bars.

While the majority of Scotland is rural and not populated the vibrant city of Glasgow offers a wide variety of events, locations and places for people to got to and have fun. One of the main attractions to the city of Glasgow is the history. There are still ancient buildings like the main cathedrals that have been in use for years.

Online dating in Glasgow is the sames as in any other major city. The difference being that the majority of Scottish online daters are from Glasgow so do not be surprised if you find that the person you are trying to meet with already lives in Glasgow.

Dating Ideas In Glasgow

As with any major city, there is a wealth of options to take that special someone away and have fun. Apart from the usual options like the cinema or a park, Glasgow has a lot more to offer.

Glasgow is well known for the two football teams and if your partner wants a more intense experience take them to a Celtic vs Glasgow match rather than the cinema. This rivalry that has gone on for centuries and is even more intense with the fact that these two clubs are generally are the two best teams in Scotland. You won’t be able to have much of a conversation with your partner amongst the roaring atmospheric crowd but it is still a great day. You can either go to Hampden Park or Ibrox. If the person you take there has never been to a football game/stadium before it will be the perfect way to introduce them as there is no stronger rivalry in the sport.

Aside from football, there is an opportunity to try out the many different cuisines with your love interest. Such places as the himalayan tandoori on Paisley Road West is highly recommended for Indian cuisine although you will be spoilt for choice. Chinese restaurant Charming Cuisine is one of the best of it’s kind in Glasgow, specifically in Milngavie. They serve all the dishes from China that you and your partner could ever need.

In terms of a cinematic experience, Glaswegians should look no further than IMAX Glasgow. If your partner has never watched a film in one of the massive screens in the cinema, definitely take them there. While IMAX Glasgow will not show all films that the other multiplexes in Glasgow do. The IMAX will show films that have been produced in the highest quality. Films such as Avatar and The Dark Knight Rise were screened at the cinema and it will be an amazing experience for your love interest.

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