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Saucy Dating in Cardiff

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Cardiff Dating

Cardiff is simply the London of Wales. Half the population of the country lives in and around the Cardiff region. The region of Cardiff has an estimated population of 350,000. With that amount of people it is hard not to see why anyone would be single in Cardiff. The majority of Cardiff singles are either students or working professionals. Due to the relatively small size of Wales, people from all corners of the country come to Cardiff in search of a better life.

Cardiff’s reputation was tainted slightly in 2012 with the TV show The Valleys which showed a group of young adults from the Wales Valleys causing havoc with hedonistic behaviour in Cardiff. The city has started to gain a reputation of being ‘trashy’ but that is far from the case. Cardiff is one of the cleanest and most sophisticated cities in the UK. The financial district is strong and the economy of the city is booming. There is no reason why anyone would try and avoid this great Welsh city.

The main sporting attraction is the football team Cardiff city. Cardiff currently ply their trade in the the Championship division but that does not stop the stadium attracting a lot of visitors per year. Other than the Cardiff football team, there is the Millenium stadium that is used for a lot of the sporting events such as being the home of the Wales Rugby team.

Dating Ideas In Cardiff

Whatever you do, try not to spend that much money on your first date. There are loads of places and locations to take your loved one to but spending time is much more important that shelling out loads of cash to impress them on the first day. You must get to know your date at first. This is the most important thing that most people forget. But if you want to take your date out to a lavish location, there are many in Cardiff.

Falafel bar specialises in Middle Eastern cuisine on Woodville road. Within the Student area of Cathays and close to the Woodville pub is The Falafel bar. There are seats outdoors and indoors for both of you to sit at and you can even get a takeaway meal. It is not a massive building but that is not required for you to have an intimate meal with one another. From the outside it is easily recognisable to newcomers because of the green decorations.

10 Feet tall specialises in tapas dishes with a mix of 1970s disco music. It is quite a unique experience to be served food and have the chance to listen retro music but it is an experience that should be cherished if you are with a potential suitor.

411 Bar and Nightclub is a trendy, swanky nightclub that plays the latest funky tracks in the house, trance and electro music genre. It is usually packed on weekends so be sure to get there early(or late!) if you want to enjoy a quieter night.

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