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Bristol Dating

Bristol is one of England’s most historical cities. For centuries it has been considered one of the top 5 best cities in the UK. With a population of 430,000 and further 500,000 on the outskirts, there is a great chance for you to find your perfect partner in Bristol. Not to mention there are plenty of locations and settings for you to take that special person once you have found them. While Bristol is considered one of England’s ‘old’ cities there is always something to do and with a thriving nightlife, the city never sleeps at night.

If you are an intellectual or a forward thinking professional, Bristol is the place to be. There are two universities and multiple libraries to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. There is also a strong financial district in the middle of city where the majority of office workers work. Along Harbourside are the new apartment complexes that offer great views and access to Bristol’s main attractions. With the Bristol being situated near Wales it offers many Bristolians a quick getaway to another country.

The majority of Bristolians are generally physically active people. Bristol was recently named in 2008 as Britain’s first ‘cycle city’ due to the sizeable cycling network.

Date Ideas In Bristol

As with any major city there is a lot on offer in terms of dating ideas in Bristol. There are options for the typical couple that want to go to the cinema, restaurant or coffee shop. But for the more adventurous or cultured person, there is plenty for them as well.

In terms of cuisine, there are many restaurants to choose from. Farrell's Restaurant on Temple Street is one of the new hybrid restaurants that specialises in Italian and Irish food. But if neither of those country's food flavour your taste buds then you and your partner can settle for the always popular Nando’s on Park street. They serve typically Portuguese dishes but if you’re a fan of chicken this is not a restaurant to miss eating at.

Amongst the other cliche locations for a date, there are a few coffee shops to choose from. The highly recommended Cafe Kino on Stokes Croft is always busy and will offer you top quality coffee for you and your love interest.

If you’re more of a partier, there is an abundance of trendy nightclubs and bars to try your fancy. Oceana which is a popular nightclub chain in the UK hosts a nightclub on Canon’s Road but if you wanted a more upscale but expensive clubbing experience head over to Vanity on King Street where all the socialites in Bristol party.

But if none of this interests you and your partner and you would rather your date had more substance, look no further than the Bristol Museum which hosts a stunning amount of historical and cultural information about the history of the city. This is the perfect date location for a person that has never visited Bristol before. If they take nothing else from their first time in Bristol, taking them to the museum will help them understand the origins of this great city.

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