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Dating in Belfast- 4 Tips for a Successful First Belfast Date

For people looking for love –both young and senior citizens- dating in Belfast can be a fantastic experience. The city offers many attractions, restaurants, historic sites, dynamic crowd and entertainment. There’s always something for you to do in Belfast.

Whether it’s a first date, a second or third date, it doesn't matter. And if you’re looking for love, casual hook-ups and friendships, Saucy Dating Belfast can help you do just that. And when you’ve finally met someone and arranged a date, the following tips will help you both have fun during your date.

Keep Things Simple

If it’s the first date, try not to go overboard with everything. Remember, it’s just the “checking out” date. That said, you shouldn’t be cheap either. A good rule of thumb is to meet for coffee, beer or at a restaurant. Make sure to ask her what her food inclinations are before the date.

And remember to dress well. It doesn't have to be over the top or anything like that. For guys, smart casual is great. And for girls, a lovely dress or jeans that flatter your figure and a lovely top that complement your eyes will do just fine.

Date Location is Key

First impressions matter a lot. During your first date, you want to avoid awkward silences. You want to have fun and enjoy your conversations. To do this, choose a location with a lot of bustle. Lots of attractions generally mean more things to talk about, more things to see and more fun to have. If you aren’t familiar with places like that, google it. It’s not that difficult.

If you need a few ideas, you could explore places like Ulster Museum, Victoria Square, City Hall the Botanical Gardens, the Titanic Quarters, the Grand Opera House, Deanes on Howard Street, the Empire, the Black Box, and Cafe Vaudeville to mention a few. If you’re the guy, well check out the spot and take note of things. It will help make your conversations flow freely.

Let Her Talk

Here’s one mistake many guys make: talking more about themselves. Do yourself a favour. Zip it. Yes, she wants to know about you. But, let her come first. Ask her questions about herself. Listen to her talk. Take note of things and remember to always steer the conversation her way. And for the ladies, ask him questions about himself. Be yourself. Relax and enjoy the scenery and company.

Have Fun and Tease

Listen, first dates can be a little intimidating. But commit to just having fun and enjoying yourself. Remember, it’s just a “checking things out” date. Be funny, have a sense of humour. Tease her and pull her legs. She’ll like you for it.

Dating in Belfast can be fun when you find the right person to have the fun with. At Saucy Dating, we can connect you with many singles in Belfast. Sign up free now and let’s help you find love in Belfast.

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