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Saucy Dating Ireland – Irish Adult Dating Site

Welcome to Saucy Dating Ireland. We are one of a new breed of online dating site with a completely new approach to online dating, we cut out the boring aspects and let delve straight into the meaty, naughty part.

There are many local singles (and married women and men) looking for casual adult dating in our database, all you need to do to meet that gorgeous woman or that handsome guy you dream of having a no strings attached date with is to search or browse our website. You can also sin up, upload your profile and wait to see who makes  contact with you!

Some of the girls in our database are probably the naughtiest in all the Counties of Ireland both North and South, a quick stats about what some of the Irish women have to say about men follows:

  • 73% have had sex outdoors
  • 65% have used a vibrator
  • 55% have dirty thoughts about men they interact with every day
  • 50% fantasise about a threesome

The most interesting part of the survey of Irish women and sex is the proportion that has used a vibrator, this is sending a message to you guys out there, you need to help the ladies out more, after all no vibrator can replace the presence of a man in the bedroom.

Saucy Dating Irish Dating site make joining extremely easy, you can even join from your smartphone, your iPad or any other tablet computer. To join Saucy Dating Mobile version, please click here. You can find Saucy Dating Ireland homepage here

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