Due to the dearth of the availability of black boned stallions UK women are looking for sex any which way but loose… Yes there are a few million black guys in UK fit and equipped to shag white UK women but the only problem is the black dudes are all fully booked up. It is a dirty job they are doing but they to their credit, are muscling up and in and forcing extreme orgasmic screams and vaginal spasms…

But here is the problem for the white UK women who do not have a 12 inch black dick to impale one’s fanny on… They are frustrated and out of it to the degree that when they start menstruating (which they do once a month) they are climbing the wall in sexual chaos here is how to fix that.

Period Sex Benefits

• Get an Orgasm – As this will release oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins. These mood boosters and natural painkillers can ease cramps and other assorted period pains

• Period Sex Pinnacles – Makes you move out of the bedroom as your lover is ready for the red in the shower or on a rubber sheet et al

• It’s Lube Free – Will let you all work that one out if you get the answer wrong you will soon see a red stop sign and if you drive in past the red expect some reaction.

• Messy Sex – No not really because this sex will free up all and/or most of your sexual inhibitions.

• Period Sex is Close Sex – Brings you closer together when you get color harmony and both enjoy red as a favorite color.

If UK Men have reservations about period sex just remember when the red turns to amber you may well be out the door for not running through the red light!

UK Woman Opt for Period Sex Out Of Frustration…