It had to happen in print as we have heard it so many times in public - UK Girls are Fed Up with the Five Minute Man. Yes UK women are coming out and voicing a dissatisfaction with UK men who are 5 minute duds in the sack. UK Ladies have had enough and are now voicing complaints and making it plain and clear that - UK Girls are Fed Up with the Five Minute Man.

Here is what UK women are doing about dysfunctional UK males. There are resorting to work arounds to ensure they get that orgasm that the UK five minute man fails to deliver.

- Vibrators – Many UK women now carry around a vibrator to take over when the UK five minute man is done – in steps the vibrator. Here is a clue about the size of the vibrator, easy the bigger the handbag the bigger the Vibrator and/or Dildo.

- Hand Relief – Many UK women will jack off by hand when the UK five minute guy is done and out of it, mopping up his premature ejaculation.

- Oral Avoider – Be firm UK girls and when he will not go down on you. Explain to him that he either goes down at the Y or the romance is over.

- Missionary Merchant – Tell him bluntly that you will not put up with a one trick missionary pony. Tell him it is variety or the high road.

- Selfish I Cum – No point in messing about with these selfish UK men who thinks the job is done when they cum. Stamp your vagina on the problem and say to him make this cum or you are out.

- Man Lying There – UK women are sick of this men just lying there before during and after sex. UK women want so much more and if they do not get it. Guess what we herewith warn all UK men do something about your lazy lovemaking or expect to get the boot.

- Lousy Kisser – UK Ladies are done with guys who cannot kiss whether on the lips – breasts or down at the Y. UK guys be warned learn to be a good kisser or get your bags packed before UK girls pack your bags for you.

- Boob Kisser – Yet another trait of one directional UK guy who is fixated with tits – breasts – hooters – jugs et al. These UK men are mesmerized and addicted to mammary glands. Well guess what all you UK guys that are one trick tit lovers. Wake up guys ladies have many other erogenous regions and last but not least for god’s sake they have fannies too.

UK Girls are Fed Up with the Five Minute Man…