Tuesday, February 05, 2013

UK girls are on the rampage and demanding more when the meet with a man who is bad in bed. Yes it is an upright problem that has to be dealt with in an erect manner! Plus girls say the badness does not all revolve around the penis staying up alert and able to perform marathon sex duties. No Sir! Men must consider what the vagina really wants and that in itself is a none deliverable activity for many white chav UK men, as the girl is after 12 inch of black sausage… So what can white UK chavs do they can introduce a very large black vibrator into the bedroom. It is not as good as the black dude original but it is a white man’s only chance of holding on to a fanny if the demands are on the table looking at the white penis full on. When the girl thinks – quote – ‘And what f**king good is that going to be for my pussy!’

The upshot is that when a UK guy is bad in bed… his days are at the best numbered in staying around in that relationship as he is bad in bed…

Is there a way around this undersized problem for UK men, well there are tens of thousands of penis enlargement solutions around but guess what they all to a man do not work! Then going to the other extreme and getting penile injections to increase size is likely to involve disastrous side effects where the penis might be hung down all big and long, but sadly it’s just there now for looking at as it no longer has even one last erection in it.

How to Fix a Guy who is Bad in Bed…