Saturday, January 26, 2013

It is bitterly cold and miserable in UK – United Kingdom in February as the long winter drags on. Times are hard money is tight – unemployment is high and to top all that off millions of women in England – Scotland – Ireland and Wales are unhappy with their sex life. Basically it needs some excitement banging into the sex file. Umm that sounds like a cry from the vagina for help!

Well this could be down to a lack of food being ready ‘On Plunge Alert!’ in the bedroom. Here is some food that is both edible and/or orgasmic ready for the bedroom…

• Banana – Vaginas for decades have loved these yellow plungers

• Cucumber – Another evergreen food that makes many folks green with envy when one hears the tales of all the women in UK – United Kingdom who love a cucumber up the snatch!

• Carrot – Loved by all redheads when applied both orally and vaginally, for the carrot it can be a bit of a dirty job – but it’s a job that has to be done – so the carrot has just to get on with it!

• Many more foods work be imaginative like strawberries and cream…

Food You Need in the Bedroom for Sex…