Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Read the rubric one more time - UK Men and Women Enjoy Sex Perks! Well so far so good I guess we need to find out more as sex is always interesting and the perks could just be the icing on the vagina and/or penis.

• Sex Boosts Your Brain - Sex increases your body's dopamine levels the erudite hormone that improves your memory and motivation. So get it on have an orgasm.

• Sex Sheds Calories - Get into the bedroom off with the pants, and get down to business sex can burn off 150 calories in a less than 30 minute romp on the bed or anywhere else for that matter…

• Sex Keeps You Healthy - Yes it is good for health as during sex the body produces prolactin which helps protect against disease and infection

• Sex Gets You To Sleep - Tired but unable to sleep, no problem have a romp and the body releases the hormone oxytocin. Then when the sex and the orgasms are over in kicks the hormone oxytocin and rocks you to sleep

UK Men and Women Enjoy Sex Perks…