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Thread: Is open relationship outside the marriage okay for you?

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    Is open relationship outside the marriage okay for you?

    Nowadays you can meat many couples where both, husband and wife, are okay with open relationship outside the marriage. The rules have changed over the years and open relationship becoming very popular today. In most cases couples do it only for sexual purposes but they still are in love with each other.

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    So the idea of your spouse wanting to date outside of your marriage makes you wonder whether or not it will have a positive effect on your relationship with your spouse. In many cases it depends on how you look at the situation and how open you really are into allowing another person into your marriage. What reasons does your spouse claim for wanting to date or be with another person outside of the marriage?

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    I think this is a very important question but I think most people (in USA) prefer that a man cheats than have an open marriage, there was even a poll about it and several articles written about his proposal to his wife to have an open marriage, here is except from one of the articles:
    It's difficult to put a figure on the exact number of couples who have honest open marriages. Very few couples who aren't monogamous are "out" about it. They appear to be monogamous, they work at maintaining that appearance, and they would rather have their families, friends, neighbors and co-workers believe something that isn't true than have to answer intrusive questions or deal with value judgments. They're what sex researchers call "socially monogamous."

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