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Thread: Have you used a dating site to find love?

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    Have you used a dating site to find love?

    Quite a lot of people are using dating sites to find love these days. Please vote in our poll if you have used online dating site to find love before. If not, could you say why not and if you will consider using online dating site.

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    Yes! And through dating site I found my fiancee You can also try the site where I met my Love. We must admit that most of us are addicted in joining dating sites, and this is one way to find new friends.

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    Without having proper Online Dating Tips or Online Dating Advice one can not find love by using dating sites.

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    No I have not used dating sites for finding love. Yaah it's true that I have used it for getting online dating tips or online dating helps.
    Thank you.

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    I have only used one, which was Corazon, and it was just for getting dates. Seemed like a good site though.

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    not really but I heard that there are a lot of couple who got together with the help of online dating sites

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