What Sex Position is Your Favorite: Rear Entry, Standing Up or Missionary?

Most favorite sex position

Most favorite sex position

We have already rated Reverse Cowgirl, Standing Doggy and Pile Driver sex positions and if you have not shared your comments yet, don’t hesitate and do it here.

Today Saucy Dating site will review the next 3 sex positions: Rear Entry, Standing Up and Missionary. So let’s start with the first one – Rear Entry.

1. Rear Entry is a sex position when a girl lies on one side when her partner kneels behind.

Rear Entry sex position


Rear Entry sex position

As you can see this position is very comfortable and pleasurable for him but not for her. The girl must lie on one side and she can’t have sex very long in this position. But at the same time her partner can use his penis very deep. Besides, there is nothing very complicated in this position.

Our boob rating for Rear Entry is 16/25.

2. The next one is Standing Up. You can be face to face or standing behind your female partner. But both of you must be standing up.

Standing Up sex position

Standing Up sex position

This sex position is very complicated. If you have a standing up sex face to face, you must take her leg and enter her. It can be very uncomfortable for you if you are tall and she is shorter than you. You must bend your knees when she must stand on one leg.

If you decided to use this sex position in the next way: she turns her face to the wall and he is bending his knees and enters you. It is something like Standing Doggy sex position.

We rated Standing UP as very expert sex position. But it is not very pleasurable for both especially when some of you are tall or short.

So, Standing Up gets 15/25 boobs.

3. The last sex position is the most famous is widely used worldwide – Missionary. I think that you don’t need big explanation about this position. It is also called Men-on-Top. Woman lies on her back when man lies on top face-to-face so they have eye contact.


Missionary sex position

Missionary sex position

Missionary is one of the most enjoyable sex position for her because sex is very depth. All she needs to do is to lie on her back and have a pleasure. When for men this position is not such good because he must work very hard. Some couples say Missionary position is boring. There is nothing complicated in Missionary. Usually people start their sex with this position especially if it will be their first sex experience.

Our boob rating is 15/25 for Missionary position.

In this part of our contest Rear Entry sex position wins a “trophy” with 16 boobs. The next 2 positions Missionary and Standing Up got 15 boobs.

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