Treating erectile dysfunction

The condition of erectile dysfunction is something that is highly demoralizing to the male and creates a huge problem in not permitting him to enjoy a normal sexual life. While the first recourse for most would be to go to the sexologist for corrective action, they could also look at unorthodox methods to overcome this problem and who knows, they might just work for the persons affected by this disturbing problem.

a) All of us are aware that sexual activity is not only a physical activity but has got a lot to do with the mental health of the person as well. A change of scenario in terms of a short vacation might help the person get at ease mentally and lead to a better sexual performance. Simulating role plays by way of kinky sex or play acting the role of a dominant partner may also help sustain the erection long enough for satisfactory penetration. Fantasizing about the sexual partner is also another great method of sustaining erection and that could range from a celebrity to the neighbor next door.

b) Physical problems are best sorted out through medication in the form of pills for both partners to heighten the impact of sexual arousal and motivate the male partner to perform. These performance enhancing pills possess the advantage of equipping the individual with the confidence to culminate the act as per his desire and are very good as a temporary measure to perk up sexual performance. However, long term usage of such pills is not recommended.

It is definitely possible to cure this condition of erectile dysfunction through a combination of mental conditioning as well as medication in the short term.