Top 5 Best Body Language Tips to Seduce Your Partner

Body language tips to seduce your partner

Body language tips to seduce your partner

Communication is the most important aspect of dating. Without a form of communication via speech, body language or facial expressions no one would be able to have a relationship. Verbal communication actually only counts for 7% of communication so it is important that other aspects are taken into consideration. Things such as body language are especially important. Body language shapes our encounters and interactions with people. Through body language people can tell whether you’re a negative or positive person. Negative people generally use negative body language which is crossing of the arms or slouching/restricting your body space. People that you’re around can feel the negative energy and subsequently the conversation will not flow. Positive body language is being open, keep your hands out of pockets and generally moving with a bounce in your step. You will be able to spot a person with bad posture straight away.

Enough of that, Here are the Top 5 best body language tips to seduce your partner

1. Open Your Body

The more open your body is, the more likely someone is going to feel welcome and let you get closer to them, it’s simple psychology. Once a person feels accepted by you, the more they will open up and express themselves to you. Making certain movements like mirroring the person you’re speaking to with your body is a great way to build rapport. Doing this will make sure that the other person feels welcome in your presence

2.Maintain Eye Contact

This is a signal of dominance which all girls love. They love to see a man that is confident and has the strength to look someone dead in the eye when they’re speaking. Guys that are weak typically do not look at a person’s eyes while they’re speaking because they are scared of feeling judged.

3.Always show your hand

Some people may ask what can be sexy about simply showing off your hand? Well, showing your hands has been proven to make you look more attractive and welcoming. By showing your hands it means hands never in pockets, when at the table your hands are always over rather than under. This just creates a much more happy and welcoming vibe around you.

4. The Walk

Your walk is probably the most important aspect of your body language. A woman can make her mind up about a guy even before he’s approached her. If she sees that you’ve got a really weak walk it signals a lack of confidence and power.To have a great walk you need to find the balance between fast and slow. Too fast shows that you’re in a hurry and not in control but too slow indicates that you might be depressed or are going nowhere in life. Both are not attractive traits.


Kino is basically the art of touch. If you want to build comfort with a person touch them at certain times. The perfect places to touch a woman without it being too forward early on, are the shoulders and arms. For example both of you could be laughing at a joke and then you touch her shoulder to show that you’re in compliance.