Things To Look Out For On First Date

Things To Look Out For On First Date

Things To Look Out For On First Date

What to find out on a date?

Dating can be one of the most difficult things that an adult can partake in nowadays. People use dating as platform to get to know more about their partner but in recent times certain advancements in daily life have changed the way people date. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have changed the face of dating forever. Now people can set up dates through Facebook and give everyone that follows them a running commentary through Twitter. But this has also made people a lot less social than they used to be. Nowadays Twitter and Facebook has also made stalking people a lot easier which means it’s a lot harder to have privacy.

Dating Tips

But if the chance to go on a date arises, it is definitely something that should be experience as the the experience you have with dating different kinds of people the more likely you are to know exactly what you want.One of the most important things to note when organizing a date is to organize where you are meeting up. As you may not know each other all that well, it’s important that chit-chat and comfort building is kept to an absolute minimum. That kind of conversation should be done on your first date. This is for two reasons. The first reason being that if you are spending hours in nonsense conversation with a potential love interest, it indicates that you probably do not have that much of an exciting life. If you are seen to not be busy and active with your life,it’s not an attractive trait.

This is why certain girls play mind-games via text such as taking double the amount of time to respond back to your text.The second reason is that it’s hard to build rapport through text/instant messaging because you are not actually to talking to a human being. You are talking to your phone/computer. There is a host of different emotions when you meet that person in real life and you must save your energy for the date in real life.

Once you’re on the date, it’s paramount that you break the ice straight away to avoid any awkward silences. As soon as you notice something interesting or weird about your date you must ask straight away. For example if you notice that she has a mild french accent, ask where’s she from and other questions down the line.It’s important to build comfort right from the get go. Secondly you want to know the standard details such as age, where they live etc. But there is a skill in asking these questions. The questions should not be asked in a interviewer-type style. You need to casually incorporate them into the conversation. Never ask all the questions at once as you will come off as desperate and creepy. Every once in awhile you should slip in one of the questions.

Some parts of the date will not require to ask questions to receive key information that you need. For example if your partner has dirty nails,unkempt hair and bad skin, there is a good chance that they don’t take good care of themselves. If they don’t take good care of themselves, they probably don’t have a successful life. It is judgmental and cynical but you may only be granted one date and you need to make sure that you get all the information you need from the short time you actually spend with your date. No one is guaranteed a second date. Only 7% of communication is verbal,the rest is all sub-communications, so it’s important to look past the words they say.