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Not In Peril In Perth


Swingers in Perth

Married for the last 15 years committed to one another in good times and in bad has become quite a journey. A journey that had become quite dull and usual day in and day out we were in a rut. We were in peril in Perth we had been making love in every form together for the last 15 years. Every way that she could suck me, she did every way that I could lick her I did; no new tricks were left to be had. We did each other up, down, and every part of our home that we could it is not that the excitement was not there it was. What was though was done before it started to become nothing new for her or me.

Together we looked for new ways new techniques are we had done this before and there was none to be found. We were in a rut and both decided to try a new, so we search and decided to check out swingers’ lifestyle in the area of Perth. Together we looked in see pictures and descriptions of others that were swingers, which we found interesting. Together our excitement grew she could tell by my erection and I could tell because she had no problems with touching me as we shopped for swingers. That evening ended with us both in bed exhausted from f-ing each other.

The following evening my wife that we were going out to dinner for an adult date informed me. At dinner, she introduced me to her new friend that she found and her husband to my surprise her new friend gave me a kiss right on the lips. We sat for dinner my wife next to her husband and me next to her new friend as we spoke during dinner. It was not long after sitting that I felt our new friends and under the table rubbing my leg. Her husband arm around my wife as my wife stared into my eyes smiling. We all shared a bottle of wine and joked about her nervousness as I felt my new female friend with her hands rubbing between my legs.

From that day forward my wife, and I was no longer in peril in Perth, we had become Swingers in Perth, and were happier together than ever before. Swinging together has brought us out of our rut and into a completely new lifestyle