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Features of a Good Dating Site

Saucy Dating features

Saucy Dating features

Dating sites are a lot out there, and as they get more and more every single day, you have to know there are those that are really great and will give you great value. There are also those that you are better off not joining at all, because you probably will not get much out of them. Competition is always a great thing, so let’s take a look at what makes dating sites awesome:

You are able to join it for free. Saucy Dating site allows you to join absolutely free. We all love free stuff that offer value, and we rather not pay for something rather than spending money on it. It is a great idea to think you can meet great people and find love without paying anything for it.

Secondly, what will make it stand out from the rest are the features that are offered on the site. Dating sites with great features like look for match in your area will attract more members, for instance, people will flock to a dating site that offers being able to do chats with people that are online, or gives them trials to unlock certain features that may be available. The more you are able to do on the site will make the site that much more popular than a boring dating site where you are limited by the things that you can do.

There has to be something unique and interesting about it. The whole point of going to a dating site is to join and hopefully find someone. The design will do a lot in attracting you to join the site, because it will be catching to the eye. Its uniqueness will alert you to the fact that you are seeing what you are looking at for the very first time, which is a huge plus also.

It has to be user friendly. No matter how attractive it can be, or have a unique design or be as beautiful as it can be, if it is not user friendly, the members on it will be extremely frustrated. They will probably not be able to do what they need to do to get the very best results that they are looking for.

The fact is, there are a lot of dating sites, and you want to be able to join ones that will yield the best results. Make sure you join ones that are worth your time, and if you are open to meeting someone great, you will. Great features on a site also attracts more members, which will benefit you.

Get 3 Days Full Membership For Free

3 Days Free Trial

Hello Saucy Dating members! We are offering 3 days trial to all members who will join Saucy Dating community now. The procedure is very easy. If you are not a Saucy member yet, you can join the №1 Casual Dating site in UK here or if you are a member, you can login to your account using the special page. Once you sign in, you will see a banner at the top telling that you can use 3 days freetrial on our site. Click the banner and you will be redirected to the payment page.

Please note that at the end of your free trial, your subscription will begin.

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Bank holiday is the best time to meet a partner if you’re a single person. That is why our site is still offering a big discount for the people who will upgrade their accounts until 31 of May. Our bank holiday sale was extended until the end of the week and we still are offering 40% discount on any package.

If you want to get 40% discount you should login to your Saucy Dating account. On the top of the site you will see a holiday banner. Once you click it, you will be redirected to the payment page. You can choose any package you need: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. Above the upgrade button you will see ‘Do you have an offer code? Yes I do’. Click it and type MAYSALE13.

That is all, just use the discount code before the end of Friday and you will save 40%.

NOTE: If you don’t have account yet, please visit Saucy Dating registration page to become a member and then follow the steps that are mentioned in second paragraph.




Who’s Near Me Search Function – SEX Map of Britain

Zoom to see how many members in your area

Zoom to see how many members in your area

One of the most important parts of online dating is actually finding a love interest that lives relatively close to you. Once a person starts searching for lovers that are situated in far away locations this increases the likelihood of getting rejected, deceived and even scammed. Members of dating sites are always recommended to be looking for partners within their city. However, not all websites in the dating niche offer their members a function that allows them to view other members that live locally. While some sites offer this, they do not offer an effective way of searching. However, saucydating.com is different.

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When Cheating Helps You Feel Better

When Cheating Helps You Feel Better

When Cheating Helps You Feel Better

Believe it or not, many people claim cheating actually helps them feel better about their situation. Many who have cheated claim they learned a thing or two about themselves and even offer advice to others who are contemplating cheating on their boyfriend or girlfriend. While this whole scenario may seem strange, there are a few points that may have you think about cheating from another perspective.

Many who have admitted to cheating say they have been with their partner for a long time, some for several years.  And while they say they enjoy being with this person, life presents new experiences in ways unimaginable. Some say all of the sudden things change and they don’t see the same person they once fell in love with.  At one point they claim they could not see themselves cheating on their partner but many experience excitement and thrill their current relationship lacks when they cheat.

Several claim that once they experience a change in their life, this was when the urge to cheat came to light.  For example, you may have been working at a certain job for a few years and you decide to take another job at another company because it offers better pay. This not only presents new opportunities for career development, it allows you to have new experiences with new people. You may even find yourself being attracted to someone within this new environment, or someone may be attracted to you.  You start flirting with this person and you enjoy the attention it brings. You eventually find yourself hanging out with this person outside of work such as going out for drinks.  And you may have an idea of what happens next.

While you are enjoying your new found attention you still feel as if something isn’t right between you and your partner. Changes between the two of you may include experiencing more arguments, not having enough time for each other and you may start rethinking about the status of your relationship.  In some cases, you may even find yourself seeking comfort in the person giving you new attention.  Your new found attention turns into lust and eventually you find yourself in bed with this person. But once you’ve cheated how do you feel?

Many who have cheated claim they don’t feel bad but feel empowered and even want more. It may be that a certain want or need isn’t being fulfilled. Some claim they like the idea of being able to cheat and not get caught.  A few claim they cheat just for the excitement and lust, but still want to be with their partner.  Many say cheating on their partner has helped them see their own relationship in a new light. If they have been with someone for so long they feel as if they were missing out on being free to do what they please with others.

But what else about cheating cheaters have learned? Some say it is easy to do and get away with. You need to be clever so you don’t get caught. Lust and love in the mind tend to conflict one another which may a big influence on your decision to cheat.