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Six Ways To Get Out of a Sexual Rut

How to get out of sexual rut

How to get out of sexual rut

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Getting to a relationship can be arduous work. The path to a great one can take awhile and be filled with devastating bumps along the way. But just because you finally landed a relationship worth staying in doesn’t mean the work suddenly stops. Just like a job, you did the work to get there, but now you have to stay there. However, this work is a lot more fun than your 9-5.

One of the key elements you have to work on is your sex life. Some people are naturally adventurous and never tire of each other, but the rest of us frequently fall victim to ruts and routines. These things are perfectly normal, but it’s imperative that you work on them. A failing sex life can ultimately be the demise of any wonderful relationship, so let’s make it thrive. Follow some of these tips to get things interesting again and your partner coming back for more.
Bored of your surroundings? Simply move beyond your bedroom walls. You have a whole house, a whole car, a whole community to play in, don’t limit yourself to your bedroom. If full on exhibitionism isn’t your thing, you can try getting handsy and making out in public. Go places that don’t allow you to progress further. This will just leave you both wanting more. If you’re nervous about it, start small and step it up each time. Small might mean your hallway or a hotel balcony. It’s up to you.

Why not be someone else for the evening? Role playing http://www.lovepanky.com/sensual-tease/seduction/sexual-role-play-guide allows you to lose yourself in a fake someone else. Throw on a wig, an outfit and accent and you’ll find that you suddenly feel a little more confident, bold and daring. Create scenes and scenarios for each other to see what turns you on.

There’s a reason we played with toys when we were kids: they were fun and fueled our imagination. So why forego using them as adults. I don’t think we should. Head to your nearest novelty shop or online sex store like Adam and Eve and pick out a few toys that excite you and your partner. Toys can help you explore each other’s body, learn something new about your own and break out of a sexual mold you may have been in. With millions of toys on the market, you’re bound to find something that speaks to you.

This one is for the bold and stable. Do not proceed in this section if you have jealousy issues, relationship problems or massive insecurities, because you will only make things worse. However, if you feel like your relationship and emotions are stable and your sex life just needs a pick me up, bringing in a third person might be a fun option. Make sure you and your partner are aware of the consequences before doing so, such as jealousy, affairs, lost trust, and overall drama. If you think you can handle it, you’ll find that the benefits are awesome. Be sure to pick someone you know and trust, but aren’t great friends with. It’s also easiest if they are single. Make sure there are no prior crushes or major attractions to this person.

Like the idea of a third, but don’t know anyone or feel like your relationship could take it? Totally fine, bring in a pseudo third, fourth and even fifth by watching porn together. Use porn as a way to inspire you, to turn you on or to talk about positions and themes that you’ve never participated in before. Then be sure to keep it playing while you’re having fun. The on screen fun might even inspire you to be more vocal.

Why have dinner at the table when you can have it on your partner? Bring food into the bedroom to make things feel a little more risque and a lot more exciting. You can try eating food off of each other, using the typical chocolate or whip cream, or bring out the big guns like zucchini and cucumbers and see what kind of fun they can inspire. Be sure to throw away these vegetables afterwards.