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There are many way you can approach dating, here is the mythical way which also happens to be the prevailing ways most people choose to think of dating but in really its far from true: Their eyes meet across the computer monitor that separate their working spaces and they fell in love at once. Now here is the second way, the saucy dates way which is the more likely way for things to happen: He looked over the computer, his eyes meet hers, he could help noticing how attractive those pale blue eyes are, his eyes slowly travelled from her face, not without noticing her full lips as his gaze went from her face to her breasts, they look full and firm, he wondered what it would be like to kiss them and caress them. At this point she looked at him, as if reading his mind and she undressed him with her imagination, the firm toned arms, she can get used to those arms and the slender fingers running riot on her body.

Well, time to wake up and find a real naughty saucy dates.
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