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Guide to Flirting with Girls

Flirting with girls? tips on how to do it right

Tips on how to flirt with girls

Tips on how to flirt with girls

This is a memorable occasion for Saucy Dating Forum we have been commissioned to compile and publish a ‘Guide to Flirting with Girls’ Now we are aware that this has been done a thousand plus times before by the likes of AskMen – Cosmopolitan and many more
If we make you laugh we are not here to apologize as there is no definitive ‘Guide to Flirting with Girls’
So here we go
Be Yourself – Guess that means that if your gig is to flash your ‘Crown Jewels’ in your local park – that is OK. Or sit and pick your nose – that is OK too! Maybe the title means just that ‘Be Yourself’
Start a Conversation with Her – Really now that sounds so exciting and innovative. We learn something new every day – we now know that you have to talk with a girl to woo her!
Be Bold – Guess that means be the opposite of shy – how bold well see how you go! You will soon know how ‘Bold’ you can be!
Find out her interests and the music she likes – Well this is the fourth KPI in this series and to be honest this is the first worthwhile tip. We agree with this point interact with the girl to see what you have in common. We know that you have ‘SEX’ as a common goal but we are not asking that question are we – we are asking about music like my last girl sang to me – ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ by Tony Bennett – I was not impressed as it sent me to sleep!
Be Funny – You have to be joking how is she ever going to think you are funny – as you blew that opportunity when you bored her to tears with your earlier actions and behavior.
Don’t be too eager to start conversing with her at every possible opportunity – What a useless title she may just enjoy you being around – when you are comfortable with a partner – you do not need to be stood to attention waiting to speak – more appropriate your ‘Todger’ needs to be hard and alert and ready for action! That would be much more effective in keeping the relationship alive!
Don’t be fake–it turns a girl off. – Really another subject that caught the guys off guard as 100 guys turned up to flirt with girls and 98 of the guys were wearing a knock off copy ‘Rolex Watch’ The girls wanted a real deal, alas along came nearly one hundred ‘Dudes wearing Fake Rolex Watches’

The referred to index titles were given to us by our client if we appear to have been flippant and saucy with our replies and comments what do you expect we are ‘Saucy Dating Forums’ and our members love to see ‘SEX’ and the reality of ‘Flirting’ on the fly!