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Unbelievable Places To Have Sex – Apart From Your Bed

If you have just bumped into this article, you are missing the most exciting part, it start with our first article title amazing places to have sex apart from your bed, click here to read the first part.
Now that you have catch up on part one, you can continue with the second part of this article on how to spice up your sex life.

Sex in Theaters and Cinemas

To pull this off, make sure you go unpopular movies and preferably on odd hours to minimize the people in the cinema room. If there are less than 20 people in the whole cinema, you can have a whole part of the cinema for yourselves and revel in the dark and noisy atmosphere. The loud sounds of the cinema will allow her to moan as loudly as she wants and the cinema chairs will give him a lot of handling to try new positions. Sex in theatres is much harder to pull, as the actors are also watching, but makes for a very kinky experience.

Sex in the Office

Oral sex on the desk? Doggy style on the office chair? Oh yes. Sex in the office is a fantasy for many people, but most never dare make it reality. Obviously, shared offices or otherwise busy offices aren’t inviting to raunchy sex but private offices, home offices or even your workplace outside business hours can be ideal places for some novel sexual games. In the office, desks are often in the perfect height for stand-up doggie style or convenient oral sex and office chairs are perfect for most cowgirl positions and good for doggy style also.

Sex in Public transportation (trains, busses, airplanes etc)

While many people have sex in their own cars (while stopped), very few explore sex in other means of transportation. Girls can easily give handjobs and even oral pleasure to their men if they are sitting next to each other. Just pretend you are tired and rest on his lap. He can gently cover you with a jacket to keep you warm and quiet while resting. Then, pull out his member while underneath the jacket and make him orgasm in your mouth while riding the bus. Sex in airplane and train toilets is possible too, but these places are usually either filthy or too tight to properly enjoy each other’s bodies. More adventurous couples can try cowgirl sex in the backseats of busses or trains, but be on the lookout for peeping toms!

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Friends With Benefits – when benefits does not pay dividend

When friends with benefits does not pay dividend

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The Cons
Unfortunately the cons are potentially quite extensive. Firstly, you have the most common problem of feelings either already present or developing. Now you might not think this is or will be a problem but you need to realise your FWB might not feel the same way. This is inevitably the most common reason why FWB relationships go wrong – one person already has or develops feelings that the other does not reciprocate. This inevitably creates problems and has broken up more friendships than we would be able to count.
Secondly as we alluded to earlier many FWB relationships happen as a result of a more serious relationship or dating. This type of FWB relationship creates the same problems as above but with the added problems of a relationship having already existed. In this case you cannot be assured that your “friend” isn’t really after a return to a relationship and you need to ask yourself seriously why you want a FWB relationship with your ex.
Finally you also have the serious problems of jealousy and attachment. Whilst at first FWB relationships might seem like a win-win situation you need to be wary of becoming jealous of your friend whilst they try and find a long term relationship that will in time replace your current “with benefits” relationship. Whilst FWB seems like an easy route, after an extensive period of time you may become more attached than you have previously realised – so be warned.
Our Advice
Honestly speaking the potential cons of FWB relationships far outweigh the pros in most situations. If you are considering, or are in, this kind of relationship you need to be cautious and talk to your friend to make sure that you are both in the same position and both feel the same way about your benefits. Remember you are potentially risking a valuable friendship and don’t take any aspect of “benefits” for granted.

Friends with benefits or FWB for short – A new dating phenomenon?

Can Friends with benefits be a healthy relationship? 

“Casual” sex has become increasingly common and many of us have, at some time or other, been involved in a “friends with benefits” (FWB) relationship. The most common FWB relationships happen between friends who have known each other for an extended period of time (most usually over 6 months) and between friends who used to date or were in a long term relationship. FWB relationships are supposedly very common with over 60% of adults claiming to have been involved in some form of FWB relationship. Given that FWB is common we thought it would be worth investigating by looking at the pros, cons and pitfalls of this potentially exciting yet often frightful arrangement.
Now some of you might have noticed our title – specifically the words “healthy relationship” – and this is one of the biggest concerns of FWB. FWB lies in one of the many dating grey areas because it’s not technically a relationship in the way normal dating relationships are. However, your relationships with your friends are still relationships and adding “benefits” makes the friendship much more complex. Technically there is no commitment in the sense of a long term commitment of love but there is a commitment of friendship. You may also have noticed that we’re using the word technically quite a lot and you’ll soon see why as we take a journey into the pros and cons of FWB.
The Pros
To point out the elephant in the room the biggest pro to FWB is of course the sex (In whatever form it might take). FWB relationships allow people to enjoy the pleasures of sex, without the strings of commitment, with someone they know and trust. Given the times and the myriad of risks, dangers and pitfalls of casual sex with strangers it is easy to see the added appeal of sleeping with a friend rather than someone you met on a Friday night in some grotty pub or club in your local city/town centre. Your friends are of course the people whose company you enjoy, the people who you unload all your woes onto and of course the people who do the same in return. This can and often does make the transition from friends to FWB a lot easier as a huge amount of comfort and trust is already available.
Well, its not all plain sailing for friends with benefits, find out what could go wrong with Friends with benefits in the second part of the article.