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Choose Your Favorite Sex Position: Doggy Style, Deep Stick or Cow Girl

Your favorite sex position

Your favorite sex position

We have already reviewed and rated 6 sex positions.

You can compare Reverse Cowgirl, Standing Doggy and Pile Driver here.

Rear Entry, Standing Up and Missionary have been compared here.

Today Saucy Adult Dating site would like to compare Doggy Style, Deep Stick and Cow Girl sex positions. Let’s begin with one of the most popular and loved for him and for her sex position – Doggy Style.

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Naughty Philosophical contemplation I’m i a boobs or bum kind of guy?

I’m I a boobs or a booty guy? Do i prefer blonds or brunettes?

Behold… the question that has niggled mankind since the dawn of time – Am I a blondes or brunettes kinda guy? And its inevitable follow up – Am I boobs or bums? Fair to say you’ll know where you stand on this; and so you should, you’re a man! But take note, for as quickly as it takes me to say “Pippa Middleton!”, everything can change! Well, if you still have now managed to figure out the kind guy you are, we are happy to draw you a picture or to be more accurate, show you some photographs of some of our hot blonds, brunettes, small boobs, big boobs, moderate ass , big ass or to borrow the very American word for bottom; Booty. Well, hopefully the picture has helped you to know the kind of guy you are, now that you know, just just join our local adult dating site and find the best girl for you.   And we want you to be prepared for when this happens… So sit back, relax, and let Saucy Dating be your guide as we present to you some of the best… most beautiful… bums, boobs, blondes n’ brunettes this side of a lads mag beauty pageant. So, what kind of guy are you really??


Mary, 30 Demi, 26 Bette, 42


Lilly, 20 Leigh, 27 Karis, 43


Michelle, 29 Emma, 36 Lisa, 18


Harley, 21 Toni, 21 Micaela, 22

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