Study Reviews Recreational Sex Behaviors of College Students

Sex Behaviors of College Students

Sex Behaviors of College Students

Researchers conducted a study that reviews recreational sexual activities engaged by college students.  The study included reviewing sexual behaviors done for leisure verse pleasure.  Data collected may help provide intervention methods to help young adults, such as college students, reduce risky sexual activities.  Professionals such as sex educators, healthcare providers and even the general public may provide valuable information and awareness.

A public health concern includes people engaging in sexual activity before marriage.  Young people getting pregnant and dealing with sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) are issues with alarming statistics. It has been noted that young individuals are likely to begin experimenting with their sexuality during college.  More students are likely to have a desire or interest to engage in sex.

Undergraduate university students were asked several questions about their sexual behaviors.  The school is located in the United States in the southeastern region with over 17,000 enrollees.  The questions were part of a self-report questionnaire. Students were able to remain anonymous while submitting their information.  Males and females participated in the study with a variety of ethnic backgrounds included. Students under the age of 25, considered either homosexual or single were asked to participate.  A higher percentage of females submitted data.

The questionnaire was developed to learn attitudes and behaviors related to recreational sex.  Some of the information on the survey was similar content asked in previous surveys conducted. 18 elements in the survey attitudes toward sex as recreation and 11 elements were used to help measure sex as satisfaction.  Depending on statements asked on the survey students would agree or disagree.

Statements asked based on considering sex as recreation included learning whether a student makes time for sex-related activity and if they felt their peers knew more about sex in general compared to personal knowledge.  They were also asked if they liked to enjoy new sensations or experiences.  When asked about sex satisfaction subject matter such as how satisfying is their orgasms to how their partner makes them feel.  There was a separate scale for leisure satisfaction with 24 items used to measure. This included asking about leisure activities in general, if they help reduce stress and skills used in completing these activities (not sexually related). Other sexual behaviors such as protection measures, masturbation, intercourse, erotic material use and strip clubs were asked about.

Students who were enrolled in health education courses participated in cross-sectional research.  Close to 500 students provided information for the study.  Recreational sex may have a positive influence on sexual satisfaction, data showed.  Studies also showed males and females who participated in recreational sex experienced enhanced satisfaction.  The study was completed for multiple reasons: little scientific literature explores this subject, understanding the impact of sexual behaviors in regards to satisfaction and leisure and measuring impacts experienced among young people. In some cases, females preferred certain activities more than others with similar findings in males.

In short, sex continues to have a big influence on college campuses mostly for enjoyment. Further studies will likely continue on the subject to get more understanding of different concepts to help develop healthy alternatives to reduce sexually-related risks.

Attitudes Relative to Partnered and Other Sexual Behavior

Having a partner manually stimulate my genitals is fun .85
Manually stimulating a partner’s genitals is fun .84
Participating in sexual intercourse is fun .83
Receiving oral sex is fun .80
Giving oral sex is fun .69
Other Sexual Behaviors
Viewing online pornography is fun .86
Participating in a threesome is fun .79
Going to strip clubs is fun .78
Watching erotic videos is fun .78
Reading erotic material is fun .66
Masturbation is fun .65
Engaging in anal intercourse is fun .65
Playing erotic games is fun .62


Attitudes Relative to Sex as Recreation


I am better at sex than most people

I perform better sexually than most people

I have special skills when it comes to sex

I know more sexual techniques than most people

I consider others more knowledgeable about sex than I am


I always try to make time for sexual activities

I make sex a priority in my life

I consider other activities more important than sexual activities

Recreational/Hedonistic Sexual Behaviors

I have sex for fun

I like to have new exciting sexual experiences and sensations

I like wild uninhibited sexual encounters

I live for the moment when it comes to sex

I view sex as a recreational activity

I do not like to experiment with new sexual behaviors

Condom Use/Safer Sex

Using a condom during sex can be fun and pleasurable

A person can have fun and still play safe

A person can protect their health and still have fun uninhibited sex

Condoms do not impede my enjoyment of sex

Sexual Satisfaction

I am pleased with my intensity of sexual activity

I am satisfied with my variety of sexual positions and activities

My partner makes me feel sexually desirable

I am sexually attracted to my sexual partner

I have good communication with my partner about sex

My partner makes it clear I provide him/her with sexual pleasure

I feel that foreplay with my partner is very arousing

After sex I feel relaxed, fulfilled

I am satisfied with my sexual partners

I am pleased with my frequency of sexual activity

I have satisfying orgasms

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