Study Looks at Relation between Feminism and Pornography

Relation between Feminism and Pornography

A study looks at controversial expressions related to pornography and feminism.  In some cases the findings in such studies are interpreted or reported in different ways that may have a negative effect on how details are perceived.  In this case factors are reviewed such as why pornography is debated among feminists, literature that criticizes the matter and lasting effects of research completed on the subject.  In short, some researchers feel there should be ongoing studies on the subject or pornography but with attention to sensitivity.

Pornography in a sense may or may not be taken seriously by some, with few researchers feeling it has something to do with the way it is reported.  Sexual aggression, sexual assaults and violent pornography have been reported in varying numbers, especially situations involving females.  It has been mentioned that feminists have made notable contributions to the study of pornography including social and psychological effects, with some feminists being against pornography.

Those who are against pornography have certain points they express such as how mainstream pornography uses abusive concepts against or toward women that seem degrading, how there could be a connection against men who commit sexual violence against women and men who may have been exposed to violent or degrading pornography, whether or not there is a definitive relationship between porn and sexual violence and sex-work industries that may have high levels of coercion or working in situations considered dangerous, including being exposed to drug and alcohol abuse among porn performers.

Anti-feminists feel the risks porn performers face related to production and consumption is much greater than public criticism.  Certain reactions from an anti-feminist may show how they feel or believe about porn such as disgust, fear, and outrage.  Some feel there is more harm done when concepts related to porn is not publicize, but criticized.  In short, some feel pornography isn’t taken as seriously as it should by understanding the possible negative factors it may have on a person.  Yet, feminist continue to argue on what kind of position they should have on this subject.

Criticism on the topic may have women feeling insecure or shame with the idea of having sexual fantasies being played out.  In some situations, it may be seen as a woman being a victim in their relationships with their male partner.   While there are some controversial arguments, many feel feminists made some valid points on the issue of pornography.  In some cases, many of these claims are reviewed or overlooked.  But, some feel that any research completed on the subject of pornography may not include perspectives or angles that are brought up by feminists.

There are a few points that tend to stand out about the matter that some feel should be reviewed in more detail such as the claims of potential harm (whether it’s physical, emotional or mental) being ignored,  and looking at emotional reactions as just theories of researchers instead of getting a better understanding from both sides (getting a male and female point of view or perspective on certain pornographic actions).