Should You Date a Cheater – 5 Things You Must Know!

Many people don’t mind if their date is already in another relationship or even if they are even married. Meeting a hot guy or a sexy woman willing to have sex with you but later finding out that they are in a committed relationship means they cheated on their spouses. Cheaters are often fiery on bed and give their lovers passionate love like they never do to their lawful spouses. However, there are a few things everyone who dates a cheater must know about them.

Cheaters are also liars

This may be obvious for some people but many don’t realise that men and women who cheat on their spouses are also comfortable with telling huge lies –to everyone! If the cheater is fine with lying so much to their spouses then you should not be surprised if they lie to you (because they will!).

Cheaters are not into open relationships

Assuming that you are not a cheater yourself, dating a cheater is mostly OK for your part; it’s just an aspect of an open relationship. But cheaters are NOT into open relationships. They want everything for themselves. Both you, and their husbands/wives to be for them alone. Cheaters often don’t tolerate being cheated upon (even from their lovers) and they can be pissed if you have other lovers apart from them.

Cheaters are ruthless to get what they want

Cheaters will stop at nothing to get what they want (usually you and other lovers!). Cheaters will ignore kids, family and the well-being of their spouses to get sex from another man or woman. This is important to know because you may just want sex, but having it with a cheater means you may be opening your life to drama from the cheater’s family!

Cheaters may carry STDs

It is a fact that men and women who have sex with multiple partners and don’t talk about it are more prone to carrying sexually transmitted diseases than any other group! Communication is key to having sex with many partners and cheaters rarely do communicate. Use condoms when having sex with a cheater.

Cheaters will cheat on you too!

Cheaters are already cheating one person and are fine with cheating you too. Having a secret relationship with a man or woman who is married, engaged or in a serious relationship doesn’t mean that you are not at risk of being cheated yourself. Remember that when dating a cheater and never attach yourself too much with them, otherwise you may find yourself betrayed just like the cheater’s normal spouse too!