Sexual Performance as a Couple’s Issue

A satisfying sex life is something that is crucial for a successful marriage or relationship. It is natural for both men and women to have off days when they just don’t feel like engaging in penetrative sex but if this becomes a regular affair or the male starts experiencing problems holding his erection, then the problem is more serious and merits investigation. In females, the change of mood can be as quick and she could suddenly turn cold as a turkey after promising so much during foreplay.

Other factors like stress or thoughts that are pretty unromantic may also lead to the softening of the penis without the sexual act getting consummated, but these can be resolved more easily and quickly and is not as serious as the condition of erectile dysfunction in the male or frigidity in the female.

It is really not fair to apportion blame on any one partner as these instances could happen at any time. However, it is important for couples to be aware of the changing sexual needs and performance capabilities so that they can take proper corrective action before it is too late. This will prevent rifts in the relationship from developing and the couple will find ways to deal with the problem collectively.

Fortunately, the market is awash with a lot of good and effective performance enhancing drugs that are very effective as a temporary measure. For a more therapeutic approach to a problem that persists, the couple must visit a good sexologist together and sort out the issue for a prolonged and satisfying sex life.