Sex With Twins An Impossible Feat

Identical twin brothers and sisters share everything. This often includes first masturbation experiences, first kisses and first sexual experiences. When twins are sexually active, they will always discuss about their sexual experiences and sometimes swap partners (often without them knowing it!) or have sex together with other people. It is natural for twins to act that way since they have so much in common, they often regard their other twin as an extension of themselves. So, how can a girl get lucky and have sex with two identical male studs or a guy have sex with two smoking hot twin bombshells? It is certainly possible if you know how to play the game.

You won’t even know it!

Most people don’t realise that twins are very intimately connected and discuss about EVERYTHING. If your girlfriend or boyfriend has an identical twin, you can be 100% certain that the twin knows all about how you have sex and is may even ask your partner to secretly swap. Would you be able to tell the difference between your boyfriend/girlfriend and their identical twin? I know you wouldn’t so you may have already had sex with his or her twin!

Remember it is natural to want to have sex with your partner’s twin as they are identical. If you lust to have your partner’s body in your bed then it’s no surprise that you lust for his or her twin’s body too; and the twins know it all too well!

Twin guys and girls have the most threesomes than anyone else, remember that when discussing having sex with your partner and their identical twin; perhaps they have discussed it together already!

Male twin sex

If you are a girl and your hot boyfriend has an equally hot and muscular twin then the experience of two studs worshiping you can lead to mindblowing sex. Two male twins will rarely compete against each other and instead will focus on pleasing you. Double oral sex can be amazing (especially if the twins are well-equipped) and the experience of a double penetration from two identical hot studs can be something you will never forget. Finally, as twins are very synchronised you may rest assured they will orgasm at the same time. You can use that to create an amazing experience of two guys filling you up with hot sperm at the same time or ejaculating all over you with synchronicity that would make every pornstar envious. What’s better than that?

Female twin sex

This is a fantasy for all guys who are dating one hot female twin; to have sex with both twins at the same time. Having two equally gorgeous women kissing and sucking your penis can be amazing (oral pleasure squared) and when you penetrate one, the other can be caressing your balls or sit on your face for some hardcore oral action. Female twins are rarely competitive and instead work to enhance each other’s pleasure with sensual kissing and mutual pleasure. Twin girls will often perform 69 with each other and you get to choose which one to penetrate while they lick and kiss each other!

Remember to please them both equally!

This is the most important thing to remember when having sex with twin guys or girls. When you are pleasing twin guys, make sure you give equal attention to both of them, otherwise both will be displeased. When doing double penetration, alternate them between your vagina and anus so they have equal fun. For guys pleasing twin girls, it can be trickier as you can only penetrate one twin at a time. When doing so, make sure the other twin is equally satisfied either with oral sex, fingering or perhaps one or two toys. Finally, when it is time to orgasm, remember to give both twins a good orgasm and as always, share the sperm!