Sex On The Beach – How To Prepare And Things You Absolutely Must Know

Sex on the beach, under the sun or in the moonlight, can make you feel like a Hollywood star. However, if you are not adequately prepared, the sand, the water and other beachgoers can ruin the whole experience. Let’s see below how to prepare for an awesome day (or night) of sex on the beach.

Essentials you will need:

  • At least two bottles of sweet water (hydration and cleaning sensitive parts from sand)
  • A lot of sun block (for daylight sex)
  • Towels or beach mats (to lie upon and avoid sand in all private parts)
  • Lube (Astroglide, KY Jelly, etc)
  • Flashlights and lamps (if you are going for a night of passion)

Extra items that can add fun:

  • Beach chairs
  • Beach umbrella
  • Booze

Armed with the items above, head out to a quiet beach. Avoid crowded and popular spots unless you want others watching you having sex. There are a few key points you must absolutely take care of to ensure you and your partner enjoy this outdoors experience.

Sand and how to make sure it does not ruin your sex

Sand is the number one destroyer of beach sex. If sand gets inside her, everything is over as it will make things a lot more painful. To prevent sand from ruining your beach sex, first of all avoid all sexual positions that require the vagina and penis to be close to the ground. This includes regular missionary sex (yay!) and oral sex where she has to lie down. Instead go for positions where the woman is in an elevated position, such as doggy style and cowgirl, and if you want to have oral sex, do it while standing up to avoid sand getting in the sensitive parts.

If sand does get between you and your partner, stop sex and remove it. Sand destroys condom and makes sex painful for her, so clean it with care before resuming. A lot of lube also helps remove the sand and lessen its adverse effects. To make sure she enjoys it as much as you, use copious amounts of saliva or even better, commercially available lube such as Astroglide. Anal sex can be very tricky with all the sand. Unless she is very experienced and can relax her anus to the point of making it comfortable for both of you, just avoid anal sex on the beach.

Sex in the water?

Sex in the water can be amazing but you have to be careful not to perform vaginal penetration while inside the sea. There are many parasites that can infect her if the vagina is directly exposed to sea water and perhaps more importantly, sex while submerged underwater involves the risk of creating negative suction and make it almost impossible to exit the vagina thanks to the vagina cramping around the penis. This is very rare but if it happens, only a doctor can separate the couple and this can be VERY embarrassing. Just avoid vaginal sex while submerged in the water. Instead go for oral sex and perhaps anal pleasure if she is comfortable with it. It is very arousing when she dives in and sucks the tip of the penis while underwater, while it is equally amazing when he dives in and rubs her clitoris with his tongue. Just try it out!