Oral Sex Void Study

Oral Sex Void Study

Oral Sex Void Study

Researchers survey close to 6,000 people regarding personal views on oral sex.  People surveyed included married men and men who are in a relationship. When it comes to the subject of oral sex, some men believe other couples may do it more or less than others.  About 34 percent of men who took part in the study claim they would seek a secret partner if they were not getting oral sex.  Close to 8 percent of men claim they would pay someone for oral sex.  While men who participated in the study are married or in a relationship, men of the same status who wouldn’t considered seeking oral sex from someone outside of their relationship was also part of the study (referred to as the controlled group).

Some of the males who took part in the study are members of the controversial online dating site Ashleymadison.com.  The site helps married individuals find a date.  Women were also part of the study with those being between the ages of 35 and 49.  Men who took part in the study were between the ages of 40 and 59.  Data collected from the study shows men who are members of the adult dating site were 2 times more likely than those in a controlled group to seek a secret lover if their spouse claims they didn’t want to engage in oral sex.  Close to 40 percent of males who are members of Ashleymadison.com admit to having an affair.  Close to 22 percent of male members surveyed claim they would consider an affair.

Some of the females who took part in the study are members of Ashleymadison.com as well.  Yet, researchers felt women who were engaging in online dating activity with the site were more experienced when it came to having an affair.  Some of the men who use the site may not be as experienced in having an affair; they see the site as a tool to fuel the fantasy or explore the possibility.  Some women who use the site may even say it helps sustain their marriage or committed relationship.

The research study also reviewed possible connections of infidelity in the United States, including media reactions from political figures and celebrities who were caught cheating.  Supposedly, the study claims more than 80 percent of cultures from around the world support polygamy.  At the same time, there seems to be a growing interest in having an affair or more people considering one.

The survey titled “Sex and Relationship Happiness Survey,” was completed by participants between summer 2010 and spring 2001.  Over 4,600 people from Ashleymadison.com completed the survey in spring 2011 alone.  Just over 1,000 people part of the controlled group submitted a survey.  Half of those who responded to the survey claim they are monogamous.  Other areas of interest the research study reviewed included sexual activities regarded as a necessity for a successful relationship, attitudes toward oral sex, the happiness of their marriage or relationship and personal sexual activities.


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