My Experience of Having Sex with a Nigerian Man

Sex with a Nigerian Man

Sex with a Nigerian Man

New York City offers a smorgasbord of various and delightful men if you go to the right places. I just happened to be in one of those places one night a month ago and met a totally hot Nigerian man. Now, I didn’t go out with the intention of bagging myself a Nigerian man but I had heard lots of great things about how these men are when it comes to having sex so when we ended up back at his hotel room, I certainly didn’t say no.

My hot Nigerian man was rather tall and had skin the color of black coffee. He spoke to me with an accent that made the words sound somehow raw and wild. When he kissed me with those full lips, I felt as though he was inhaling me into himself.

We undressed each other and I learned just how passionate Nigerian men can be. I ran my hands in exploration over his body and found what I was seeking when I reached down and between us. His member was hard, hot and throbbing. There was nothing I wanted more right then than to taste his sweet chocolate treat but I refrained because he seemed to want something else at the moment.

As he circled my erect, sensitive nipples with his tongue, I felt as if I might just explode with pleasure but there was still more to come. As he sampled each part of my body, he seemed to become more lost in our ever growing passion. He continued to whisper to me as his mouth traveled southward on my body. When he reached that very intimate part, he stopped and spread my thighs apart. He intently studied what he found there before suddenly plunging his tongue into me.

He definitely knew what he was doing as he rapidly flicked his tongue over my pleasure core until I was trembling with desire and on the edge of reaching an orgasm that he managed to hold just at bay. I begged him for release but he only smiled and told me to be patient. When he said that, I sneaked a glance at his own arousal and saw what it was costing him to delay the inevitable. He was erect and I could see him throbbing from the effort of holding back. There was a small droplet of moisture gathered at the head of his erection.

Yet, he continued to use his very talented mouth to bring me just to the edge only to stop before starting once more. When he finally allowed me to fall over that cliff of ecstasy, it was like a tsunami had slammed into me. Wave after wave of sheer bliss washed over me as I cried out and begged him to take me.

When he entered me, it was fast, furious and deep. He filled me up in ways that I had never known. Plunging deep within me repeatedly, he looked deep into my eyes. Reaching down between us, he used his very talented fingers to stimulate me once more. It was his pleasure peak that caused me to have another one of my own. As soon as I felt his rod of steel getting even harder, I lost all control as I felt him jettison himself into me and held on for the rest of the ride.

That was just the first of many sexual encounters we had that night and each one was more satisfying than the last.

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