My Experience of Having Sex with a Chinese Man

Sex with a Chinese Man

Sex with a Chinese Man

I love traveling and manage to take at least two or three trips a year to foreign countries. One of my trips over the summer was to the amazing country of China. It also turned out to be a first for me in another way. That trip provided me with my first experience of having sex with a Chinese man.

Now, I know what many of you are thinking right now. What’s so special about having sex with a Chinese man? The myth of these guys having the smallest “equipment” in the world has been perpetuated for years. What would you say if I told you that it’s not actually true? That’s right! I can attest to the fact that this particular Chinese man had a pretty normal sized package.

What happened is that I stopped in at this restaurant for a late lunch. Since it was in between lunch and dinner rushes, there weren’t a lot of people in the place. So this man was eating alone, too. He was pretty cute and caught my attention almost instantly when I entered the restaurant. We started to make a little eye contact and then smiled at each other. Before I knew it, he had moved over to my table and we were dining together.

Now, my Chinese isn’t wonderful and his English was definitely limited but, as it turned out, we didn’t really need to be able to converse all that much. By the end of the meal, we were flirting outrageously with each other using our hands a lot to touch each other and emphasize our mutual attraction. At one point, I took off my shoe and moved my toes up his pants leg as far as I could go. He got the idea. Needless to say, when we left the restaurant; it was to return to my hotel room.

We were kissing each other wildly as soon as the hotel room door shut behind us and, in no time, our clothes were on the floor. His naked body was only a little different than the men I’m used to seeing nude. This was probably because he seemed to work out and had a bit of muscle tone and definition for me to explore.

So what if he wasn’t quite five inches fully erect? It didn’t matter. Maybe he subscribed to the myth of making up for anything lacking down below with his tongue because this guy had the most expert oral talents that I’ve ever encountered! He brought me up and over my peak of pleasure so many times that I lost count before he was ever inside me.

There’s a lot to be said for having sex with a Chinese man, especially the foreplay. Now, I can’t swear that it’s true for all Chinese men, but this one sure knew how to please a woman! I highly recommend trying out a Chinese man for sex if you ever get the chance! Granted, I might have just got lucky, but you really need to test one for yourself!