My Experience of Having Sex with a Canadian Man

Sex with a Canadian man

Sex with a Canadian man

I love the country of Canada because of the many beautiful older cities located there. Then, of course, there’s Niagara Falls and I always love spending time there. In fact, it was on my of excursion to the Falls that I met a very attractive and sexy Canadian man. It’s funny but, in all of the times I’ve visited Canada, this was my first experience of having sex with a Canadian man.

It all started out pretty normally, I would say. I was alone. He was alone. We simply kept making eye contact. While he was French Canadian, I was lucky in that he spoke and understood English quite well even though it wasn’t all that necessary in getting his point across. He told me his name was David and that I was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

Well, I’m not a beauty queen, but I guess I’m above average. At any rate, those words would have got him anywhere he wanted to go with me. It was the way he said them and how his eyes caressed me as he spoke. My knees went weak instantly. It’s probably a good thing that I agreed to go back to his apartment with him so that I could recover adequately.

David was such a considerate lover, taking his time as he kissed me. He slid his tongue in and out of my mouth simulating the physical act of love while he moved his hands all over my body. Sliding my sweater up and over my head, he then unhooked the front of my bra allowing my full breasts to spill out into his waiting hands. He smiled and told me they were amazing.

I was already putty in his hands but this man really knew what he was doing. He moved his thumbs over my stiffening nipples as I moaned softly. Then he replaced his thumbs with his mouth and sucked each of my nipples into hard little rocks. For once, I simply arched my back and let him do his best rather than jumping into things. It was really nice to lay back and have someone just make me feel good for a change.

David spent so much time blazing a trail of pleasure with his tongue on my body. He seductively sucked my earlobes, licked my neck, and traced a path down to my stomach and below. Once he had arrived at my apex, he quickly located my stiff little rosebud of pleasure and went to work. This man gave me three orgasms before I begged him to stop so that I could offer him some pleasure in return.

He, then, allowed me to explore him just as he had done for me. I loved using my mouth on him and his erection was more than adequate. I’m not saying that he was huge, but he was definitely “filling.”

As he moved on top of me, he spread my thighs apart so that the head of his erection teased me just before plunging deep inside of me. I wrapped my legs around the lower part of his back and lifted my hips to meet him thrust for thrust. The ecstasy that slammed into us both is something that I still think of sometimes in the shower or late at night when I’m in bed alone.

It was not the first my adventure where I had sex with foreigners. For example some time ago I met a Chinese man and it was very nice sex experience. Nigerian man was a great lover too.

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