Is It Possible to Have Sex with Twins?

Sex with Twins

Sex with Twins

While the concept may seem impossible more people have admitted to thought or fantasy of having sex with twins. This could be an unusual way of having a threesome but some may not agree with it for good reason. In another instance, some feel they like the idea of the fantasy but wonder if they could really handle being with twins in reality.

The concept of having sex with twins may either be a fantasy for some, or just all together a gross thought.  Some feel that having a threesome with twins would mean that two siblings are actually hooking up in bed. In reality this may not be true and in many cases, those who are thinking about sex with twins often don’t look at it this way.  It is possible a set of twins may want to please the same person but take turns doing it.

For many, the idea of having sex with twins is a hot sexual fantasy they would love to play out.  Yet, could you really handle the heat? Many think having twins as part of a threesome may present challenges or differences from your typical threesome scenario. It may depend on the personality or sexuality of the twins involved.  Some feel they would want the twins to bring something different or extra to the experience.

Sex with twins is a hot discussion topic with many claiming to share extra “tools” they would need to help tame the situation.  While it can be a sensual way of helping you use your imagination, some claim they would want things such as a tray of finger foods, a video camera, a chilled bottle of wine and even a box of wet ones to help them control messy wetness.  Many agree the twins need to not only be in the mood for sexual fun, they want them to be highly freaky more like sexual maniacs.

So if a woman has had a threesome that included two men who were not twins, then what would be the big difference if they were twins? Again, this is where your imagination would come into play. Why do people imagine having sex with twins but feel they may not be able to handle it?  What would be so special about the twins that you feel would be more than you can deal with?  In your fantasies you have control of what you would want them to do.

Another concept about having sex with twins would include the gender of the twins. Many people fantasy about being with twins but would they be identical or fraternal? Some admit to thinking about being with both types. A few have even joked about the identical twin scenario claiming for each twin it would be like they were watching each other have sex in the mirror while taking turns.

While many love the idea of being pleased by hot twins, some actually worry and feel they may not be able to please both twins.  If it is something you really want, it’s likely you’ll be able to find a way to make it work.