If You Have Sex More Often You May Make More Money Says Researchers

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More sex – more earnings

A recent study with data compiled by Nick Drydakis, a lecturer at the Institute for the Study of Labor, a private research firm, may be evidence of a trend that may encourage more people to have sex more often. The study showed evidence that if people who have sex at least 4 times each week, they are more likely to earn more money. There are some areas of conflict and concern to still understand with this claim, but it is an intriguing thought with some common sense behind it.

The study was conducted over a year with Greek households being the main subjects.  There were over 7000 households that took part in a survey that included basic questions about people in the household. Such questions included how much income is earned, how often did they have sex, and if they were employed. They were also asked how often they engage in sexual activity. Now, those who were part of the study want to make something clear: having more sex may not actually turn into more money.

There are other aspects of the study that was noticed that came to the conclusion of more sex and more earnings. It seems that people who have sex more often were happier or more comfortable with their well-being. Researchers found that those who didn’t have sex as frequently were more likely to be depressed or were not as physically productive. There were people who seemed to make less money and likely to experience health issues or even discrimination when trying to gain employment.

So in a way, you could say that if you are sexually active, you are likely to be in a better mood.  In this sense, researchers say you may be healthier and this aspect allows you to make more money.  Few even think people who earn more have higher self-esteems. Another aspect to think about includes the dating market.  If you earn more money you are more likely to be desirable.

The research looked at people between the ages of 26 and 50. Researchers claim that those in this age bracket may be more likely to have a higher return sexually if they are working. But, at the same time, researchers don’t want people getting carried away and running to hit the sheets.  It doesn’t matter if you are straight or gay, but the study suggests that having more sex could help you feel better about yourself.

In a way, the study is nothing new because sex has been known to have advantages. In this sense, it included looking at household income and sexual activity. In a way it makes sense, if you have a good sex life you may feel better about yourself, especially when you are in the company of someone you really care about. Yet, investing in doing more sexual activity can be an interesting aspect to consider with your significant other or spouse.