Having Sex on the First Date: Is It Okay?

This topic has endured a great deal of controversy and confusion: Is it okay to have sex on the first date? Some say yes while others claim you should wait. In the end, it is a personal choice made depending on the situation of the individual. While many assume they know why it’s not a good idea to engage in sex on the first date, some feel there are benefits in having sex sooner than waiting until later.

It’s common to be encouraged to take things slow on the first date by enjoying the company of the person you are with. Many say you should take time to learn about a person before engaging in sexual pleasure.  But, more people are finding this theory to be taboo. Why? Many claim they fall in love with someone on the first date that included sex.  A large number of individuals claim they feel a strong physical attraction between each other; basically finding each other to be hot and thinking this could be their one and only shot at having sex.

An interesting concept many have admitted to included having sex on their first date even though the date was somewhat boring.  The sex may have actually the most exciting part of the date. Why is this? Most likely each person was in the mood or horny and just wanted to get laid.  But there are other reasons why people decide to have sex on the first date.  Some want to test sexual chemistry between each party; basically one is curious about sexual tendencies of the other and wants to see if they are compatible.  An example may include seeing if whether or not the person can get them aroused or in the mood.

For many, sex on the first date has led to marriage. The concept seems to find its way with many women who claim to not engage in sex on the first date.  Some feel this may sound funny but the fact that one night of bliss hot heavy action actually was the beginning of their extended courtship.  On the other hand, having sex on the first date includes typical reasons such as saying you got to have sex with the person or the fact that it led to having more sex in the future, except it’s more like a friendship with benefits.

As far as waiting to have sex and trying to avoid on the first date, there could be benefits in this area as well.  Some say they like the idea of waiting because it creates anticipation and romance. Waiting also creates challenges that encourage one to pursue the other with patience.  Many women like waiting to show they are not a slut or someone who is cheap.  Waiting is also credited for keeping things interesting between each other. You have the chance to evaluate one another while understanding each other’s intentions.  Plus, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.