Dating conversation starters

Dating conversation starters

The task of going on a date the first time is fraught with a lot of tension and excitement. You are not sure about how the date is going to pan out and have various things running in your mind. Though you know that this is normal and everybody goes through these jitters, when it comes to your own self, you start feeling very nervous and apprehensive.

Even people who have known their dates for some time find it difficult to set the ball rolling when they meet and get tongue tied. So when it is the first time, it is natural that you are having so many questions about how to approach the event. The main thing is to break the ice and get conversation going so that the initial nervousness gives way to confidence and you are in better control.

Don’t forget that your date is equally nervous and may be looking at you to provide her with the confidence and put her at ease. You can break the ice with some rather simple questions that will serve to not only make both of you very comfortable but provide opportunities to expand on the conversation and make the evening more informal. Through these questions, you will not only get to know your date better, but also will feel encouraged to share some things about you making the conversation a dialogue. Do remember however, that you should not be seen to be very aggressive in trying to force responses or answers to your questions from your date as it can put her off and spoil the evening. You need to exercise tact and restraint while going through this process and build confidence in your date that you are not trying to be intrusive about things but just wanting to know her better.

Typically, there may be certain topics that may be sensitive to your date and she may not wish to give direct answers to them. At these times, you need to take it slowly and not rush into any pre judgments or form opinions. They may be very premature and will not help you forge a good relationship for the future. The idea is to keep the conversation light and casual.

Some of the questions you may ask and in no specific order are mentioned below. These are time tested and will surely work for you. They are by no means exhaustive and you can add more depending on the situation.

1. Where are you working and how do you find your job?
2. What do you like and hate about your job?
3. Is this your first job?
4. Do you have many close friends?
5. Can you tell me something about your home and family?
6. Who do you like in the movie industry?
7. What kind of music you like to listen to?
8. What are your hobbies?
9. How do you like to pass your time?
10. Are you fond of shopping?
11. What are your favorite hang outs for shopping?
12. What are your food preferences?
13. How do you like to relax?
14. What is your opinion about saving money?
15. How serious are you about physical fitness?
16. Do you like pets?
17. What has been your best vacation?
18. Are you an extrovert or an introvert by nature?
19. If you had enough money and could retire immediately, what would you like to do?
20. Do you regret anything in your life?
21. If you had super powers, what would you do?
22. What is your concept of romance?
23. What is the worst purchase you have done till now?
24. Have you ever tried gambling?
25. What puts you off or makes you upset?
26. Do you fancy tattoos and piercing?
27. Are you very tech savvy?