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Exposure to light can make you randy

Bright light increases male libido

Bright light increases male libido

Given that most of the time, when people want to have sex, they tend to turn the ligh down low. Well, maybe that is not the best way to go about it, if you are a man with low sex drive. According to this article on the BBC, men with low sex drive can actually increase their sex drive by turning up the light, or more accurately, by having light exposire therapy.
Except from the article follows:

Exposure to bright light can lead to greater sexual satisfaction in men who have low sexual desire, a new study suggests.

Scientists from the University of Siena in Italy found that using a light box, similar to those used to treat some forms of depression, increased testosterone levels.

And this led to greater reported levels of sexual satisfaction.

But they said more research was needed before it could be used as a treatment.

The researchers carried out their study on 38 men who had been diagnosed with disorders which cause a lack of interest in sex.
Bright light

One half of the group was treated with a light box, while the other half was treated with an adapted light box which gave out significantly less light.

They were treated for half an hour early in the morning for two weeks.

When they retested the participants, they found that the group exposed to the bright light tripled their sexual satisfaction scores while the control group’s scores stayed roughly the same.

The researchers also found that testosterone levels increased in men who had been given the active light treatment from around 2.1 ng/ml to 3.6 ng/ml – but the control group showed no increase.

Prof Andrea Fagiolini, who led the study, said the increased levels of testosterone explained the greater reported sexual satisfaction.

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Online Dating Tips for Bank Holiday Enjoyment: Actions to Avoid


The online dating industry sees a significant amount of activity during bank holidays. This is a fun time for millions of singles seeking a companion while having an extra day off from work. You want to find someone you can enjoy spending time with, someone you can talk to, and someone with the same interests. Maybe the last bank holiday wasn’t want you wanted it to be and you are looking to be successful this time around. Whatever the case may you are entitled to find the perfect someone to spend your bank holiday with.

Yet, some people may not realize actions they do online hurts chances of someone approaching there profile or someone passing up the option to send a message saying hello. This is a good time to review actions to avoid that could hurt chances of getting connected to the right person. You may significantly increase chances of someone reaching out to you through your profile, or you may work up the confidence to approach someone you find interesting. Here are a few tips to consider when online dating during the bank holiday.

Good Pictures Are Helpful but Try Not To Be So Picky!

Undressing in Bed

Each person has their level of expectations in what they want in a companion. In some cases, if you are too picky about who you want to be with, this may decrease the number of people to consider. Many people seeking someone online may get an idea of what the person is like through their pictures. Avoid being too judgmental and try to be more considerate of their qualities as a person.

Don’t Judge Someone Right Away: You Don’t Have to Know Everything Just Yet

Try not to get obsessed about every little detail about them right off the bat. Consider looking at broad information about them first. This gives a better sense of how much in common you may have with each other. An online profile may have all sorts of details about a person including what they like to watch, favorite foods, and so forth. Consider other elements such do they live in the same location as you, and access their taste and quality in activities you may like. If you waste time obsessing over little details that may not tell who they really are, you could actually miss out on meeting a good person.

Don’t Assume Profile Has No Meaning: What is Their Profile Saying to You?

This is just like meeting someone new or you get invited to visit someone at their home for the first time. You feel a certain tone or essence about a person. So, what tone are you picking up from their profile? This helps you get an idea of how meaningful a person can be. In other words, you are reading between the lines of their profile. Do you feel they are sincere, happy, bitter, or unhappy? Do you sense a certain type of behavior from the way they provided written information about themselves? You often get a sense of how true someone is and whether they have sincere motives for finding someone to be with.

Don’t Access a Profile Just by Personality Claims

Studies have shown that online dating profiles are common areas of personal interest people may not always be honest about. In some cases you can’t depend on personality claims a person says in their profile. This is because some people may not be honest about such characteristics. Personality traits include being optimistic or humorous. There is nothing wrong in saying you are optimistic or humorous, but some people may not know how to describe their characteristics. Instead, they may post characteristics commonly found in an online dating profile without truly taking the time to think about who they really are. Some say personality claims may not mean anything at face value. But, it can be helpful to find profiles that provide a little more evidence of a specific characteristic a person claims to have. For instance, they may share a personal experience that would back up their claim.

A Profile is Just a Preview of a Person: Don’t Get Attached to It

No matter how many profiles you have read and claim you think you know someone because of what they share, you shouldn’t get attached to them because of what was mentioned in their profile. In other words, when you meet them in person try not to assume they are everything based on what was mentioned. Their profile should give you an idea of what to expect, but you should consider other concrete evidence such as their demeanor, eye contact, manners and so forth when you meet them in person.

Features of a Good Dating Site

Saucy Dating features

Saucy Dating features

Dating sites are a lot out there, and as they get more and more every single day, you have to know there are those that are really great and will give you great value. There are also those that you are better off not joining at all, because you probably will not get much out of them. Competition is always a great thing, so let’s take a look at what makes dating sites awesome:

You are able to join it for free. Saucy Dating site allows you to join absolutely free. We all love free stuff that offer value, and we rather not pay for something rather than spending money on it. It is a great idea to think you can meet great people and find love without paying anything for it.

Secondly, what will make it stand out from the rest are the features that are offered on the site. Dating sites with great features like look for match in your area will attract more members, for instance, people will flock to a dating site that offers being able to do chats with people that are online, or gives them trials to unlock certain features that may be available. The more you are able to do on the site will make the site that much more popular than a boring dating site where you are limited by the things that you can do.

There has to be something unique and interesting about it. The whole point of going to a dating site is to join and hopefully find someone. The design will do a lot in attracting you to join the site, because it will be catching to the eye. Its uniqueness will alert you to the fact that you are seeing what you are looking at for the very first time, which is a huge plus also.

It has to be user friendly. No matter how attractive it can be, or have a unique design or be as beautiful as it can be, if it is not user friendly, the members on it will be extremely frustrated. They will probably not be able to do what they need to do to get the very best results that they are looking for.

The fact is, there are a lot of dating sites, and you want to be able to join ones that will yield the best results. Make sure you join ones that are worth your time, and if you are open to meeting someone great, you will. Great features on a site also attracts more members, which will benefit you.

What is a Niche Dating Site?

kissing couple logo

Online dating sites are totally changing the face of dating, and because there are thousands of people on the internet, people are finding love on a daily basis. It would be safe to say that there is something for all of us, and it is the same with dating.

Though there is a huge number of general dating sites that accommodate just about everyone, now there is a new breed of dating sites, called niche dating sites. If you have found yourself lost in the ocean of dating sites because they are too general, these niche sites make it much easier because they help you narrow the kind of people that you will be able to meet.

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