Can You Spice Up Your Marriage by Engaging in Swinging?

You Spice Up Your Marriage by Engaging in Swinging

You Spice Up Your Marriage by Engaging in Swinging

Swinging is a controversial topic when it comes to marriage.  Many believe that marriage is a sacred union that includes man and wife, but what happens when another couple gets in the mix? A swinger’s lifestyle may include different concepts that typical married couples are not used to.  Yet, many still don’t believe in whole idea and wonder why people engage in this sort of thing.

Physical intimacy is something often explored in a variety of ways but swinging makes it an unusual social activity that may not be for everyone.  As a non-monogamous activity it does bring a new perspective to being intimate with your partner or spouse.  Swinging includes a spouse engaging in intimate activity with another person outside of their marriage, with knowledge and consent from their spouse. The concept is popular in modern society that is enjoyed by married couples who are open with their relationship and marriage.

There are different ways married couples may begin engaging in swinging. It may start off as a threesome when a third person is brought into situation. There are swing parties that include other couples looking to match up with compatible couples or even by a liaison. There are different types of swinging couples and they often experience intimacy at different levels.  Some may engage in kissing one another while their partner is present. Some may or may not have sex with their partner presence.  A few engage in spanking, bondage and other physical interaction. Some may also engage in same-gender sexual interactions.

So why are more couples exploring swinging? This may depend on personal opinion but many say they enjoy it for different reasons.  Some say they knew they would swing before they even got married. Yet, they say it helps not to do it too often with some couples admitting to swinging just twice a year.  Many admit there is a certain appeal to it but you could lose it if you engage in it too often. One of the biggest issues many couples claim is that it helps address weakness in communication. Some enjoy having sex and swinging has actually helped improve their sex life and put it in overdrive.

Some couples claim they enjoy the lifestyle because it helps add excitement to their marriage.  A few couples make it known they are not limited in defining their understanding of what swingers do. Meaning, as a couple they make decisions about how they engage in the lifestyle. Each spouse is open for having new experiences but at the same time they are honest with one another.  Yet, some claim the activity has led to divorce for multiple reasons. Swinging may have benefits but both spouses should want to engage in it for it to work. It has also helped many couples stay married for 10 or more years. Taking time to explore the concept may help both spouses understand where they fit in.